Blue and black space themed latex balloons

Best space themed party supplies, 2022

How do you organise a space themed party? You planet!

Whether you’re looking to host a space themed bash for a child’s birthday party, or a cosmic banquet for an adult, space themed party supplies and decorations can help transform a living room or village hall into a cosmic carnival.

Here we list everything you need – from alien balloon and starry plates, to space themed cakes and candles.

There are items that are suitable for bright and colourful children’s parties, as well as more refined space themed parties for adults (though there’s nothing stopping you from having a rocket piñata at your 50th birthday filled with all your favourite treats!)

It doesn’t matter if you are hosting a birthday, anniversary or graduation, with these space themed party decorations you are sure to get your guests talking.

Looking for more gift ideas? Check out our list of space themed gifts for adults, or space toys for children.

If you’re looking to decorate your home more permanently, consider taking a look at our guide to space themed home décor.

Best space decorations for parties

Space decorations for children’s parties

Space goodie bag fillers

Goodie bags are one of the best parts of any party – but they’re also one of the most time consuming things to put together.

But with this set you get everything you need to create 10 goodie bags for your children’s friends and even have a few things left over.

Each kit comes with an assortment of planet bouncy balls, dozens of different stickers, pendants, snap bracelets and a colourful rocket shaped torch – all in keeping with the space theme.

There are even 10 bags included. You still have to assemble all the items yourself, and the all-important slice of birthday cakes isn’t included.

Children’s space themed balloons

Blue and black space themed latex balloons

Make your children’s party out of this world with this pack of 15 space themed party balloons.

Once inflated these balloons measure up to 12-inches in size, and can be tied to furniture, presents, cakes and even the wrists of children themselves.

The set comes in three different designs – one black with a waving white astronaut, one blue with planets and UFOs and one transparent and filled with blue confetti.

Made from strong and durable latex that can be inflated with both air and helium, but should be kept away from children under three.

Glow in the dark superstars space stickers

Children look up a ceiling covered in glowing stars and planet stickers

For a truly magical touch, decorate your party with these 500 space themed glow-in-the-dark stickers.

Then when you turn out the lights, watch as they softly glow.

This set comes in an assortment of shapes including several different planets, comets, crescent moons, swirling galaxies and stars.

150 are plastic shapes that can be temporarily stuck up with blue tack or the supplied sticky pads.

The remaining 350 are self-adhesive stickers, but if you don’t want to permanently apply them to your walls you can always give them out in party bags, or use them to decorate books, bags etc.

To ensure a good glow, make sure you expose them to natural light before calling upon them to glow.

Rocket piñata novelty game

rocket pinata

This rocket pinata makes for a great space-themed kids party game.

The card and paper rocket is hollow, meaning you can fill it up with your child’s favourite sweets and chocolate (or even some space themed sweets).

Use the hook to hang the pinata up, blindfold the birthday child, hand them a stick and let them get smashing!

Alien themed balloons and tableware

Alien party supplies

These fun party supplies come with everything you need for up to 10 hungry party goers.

The paper plates and cups are both shaped like ringed planets – the cups even come with a holographic disc around them.

There are also 20 paper straws, and a selection of ten black and silver balloons, as well as a two holographic foil balloons shaped like a star and a Moon.

Outer space party supply set

Get everything you need to host an out of this world kids space party for up to 20 people.

The set comes with over 30 balloons to decorate the area, including two shaped like ringed planets, four twinkling stars, a rocket and an astronaut.

When it comes to meal time, there are paper dinner and dessert plates, cups, napkins and straws, as well as a table cover disposable plastic table covering.

Then if you need to add a bit of flare to your cake, there are 10 cake toppers that can be used on sheet cakes or cupcakes.

Space themed birthday cake party candles

You can make any cake a space themed birthday cake with these candles.

Featuring an astronaut, an alien, a rocket and two planets these candles can make a delightful addition to any space themed cake.

Space Galaxy Cake

Space cake with sugar paste moon and rocket

Beneath the shell of this lovingly crafted Moon hides a secret – it’s all cake!

A sugar paste rocket arcs over a chocolate and buttercream Moon in this colourful cake that can serve 22 to 24 people (though if you want a good sized slice for each person, it will be less than that).

There is banner at the front that can carry a hand piped message up to 25 characters long.

As these are made to order, they require at least 8 days’ notice before ordering, and can either be delivered to your home or picked up in store free of charge.

If you want to make your own space themed snacks then have a look at our recipes for a planet shaped cake, meteor munchies and Jupiter shortbread.

Adult’s space themed party supplies

Space tablecloth

If you’re looking for a more refined, mature look, then this table cloth might be just for you.

This comes with two disposable table cloths that depicts a scattering of stars across the blue and black gradient of a night sky.

This set comes with two 137x274mm plastic sheets that are water resistant and won’t fade, shrink or hold on to odours.

However, as it’s designed to be disposable for easy clean up, the plastic is thin and won’t stand up to repeated use, and can’t be disposed of in most curbside recycling.

Galaxy themed disposable tableware

A disposable napkin, cup and plate decorated with blue and purple nebulae images

Gather around for a cosmic feast with these galaxy themed disposable dinner plates, cups and napkins.

Featuring the purples and blues of a nebula scattered with stars, these would be perfect for a picnic or perhaps even at a star party.

This set has supplies for 8 people, and includes a plain plastic table cloth to protect your table from spills.

Galaxy Happy Birthday banner

Purple and blue banner with happy birthday in cursive script

The refined colours of this banner means it would make a great backdrop to an adult’s space themed party, or even be used as a backdrop for a fun photobooth.

It’s also bright and colourful enough that it would also work well for a child’s birthday party.

The banner is made from washable polyester fabric, and measures 185cm by 110cm.

It has four copper grommets in each corner which can be used to hang it up without tearing, meaning you can reuse it over and over again.

Comes with 6m of white rope for hanging.

Handmade constellation bunting

12 bunting flags made from constellation pattern fabric


Handmade by BumbleLane, this bunting features all the best known constellations against a deep blue background.

The fabric is 100 per cent cotton, meaning it can be washed and reused for years of space themed-parties, and is hard wearing enough to be a permanent decoration in your home.

The reverse is lined with plain blue fabric and the bunting comes in either 1.5m stretches with six flags, or 3m with 12.

Several other patterns are also available including planet themed bunting and aurora bunting.

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