How To Use Gold Finish In Your Home Decor

Be careful with extra accessories. One bold gold fixture may often be enough for a small-scale room. However, many homeowners lose themselves in the decoration journey and clutter the place with gilded details. A pop of gold in your living or dining room symbolizes charm and comfort. Consider buying a gold-plated jewelry organizer or other accessories that add sparkle to the interior without going overboard. For instance, you might play with candle holders, ancient clocks, or sewing machines. If you want to follow the latest trends, gold animal-themed decor from Audenza is a real hit nowadays.

According to HuffPost, you can use gold spray paint to create an incredible centerpiece for a room. Try spraying a tree branch and watch how it transforms your dining room table into something out of a fairytale. Similarly, gather old accessories from the basement or the closest thrift store, apply a coat of glitzy paint, and decorate your bookshelves or coffee table. Finally, consider creating playful 3D wall art by spray painting and stapling together a bunch of plastic leaves or flowers.

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