How to style a gray sofa – for a neutral base with endless decorating potential

The versatile gray sofa – described by designers as a ‘neutral base’ – is often used as the blank canvas in a room. However, while this piece may be a backdrop for other hues in your space, it is far from unimportant. Instead, in many ways, this furnishing is the most influential piece in your home – offering comfort – and the opportunity for your accents to make the statement they deserve. 

Whether you’re looking for grey sofa living room ideas or styling the piece in your bedroom or home office, the question of how to style a gray sofa correctly remains the same. And if you’re decorating with grey, you could do far worse than following the advice of these top designers, who are experts at styling the tone in all rooms of the home. 

How to style a gray sofa – 5 rules designers follow

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