How To Arrange The Best Throw Pillow Combinations

The pillow-scape is coming along in your home, yet it still needs a little sprucing up. Freshen up the design with a bit of texture. You know, something visible and tangible featured on the throw pillows, like this wool material on a pillow cushion from West Elm. The textural detail should not only be something dimensional, but it should be perceptible enough to capture attention. Texture and all the items already discussed, including color, material, size, and shape, directly contribute to creating balance in a design.

You can find throw pillows with fun details like tassels, fur, fuzz, and pom poms. These textural elements increase warmth and comfort in an interior. Complete your combo by adding pillows to the home that are stitched, made of yarn, spun with wool, or have fringe. Choosing pillows with unique characteristics reduces the need for busy patterns but keeps the design interesting. Velvet pillows are soft to the touch, making them the perfect bedside accessory.

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