The basement of this Ohio house is freaking out Zillow Gone Wild. ‘I’m so…scared’



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A house on the real estate market in Cincinnati, Ohio, for $2.99 million has a popular social media page reeling thanks to its basement that doesn’t match the decor of the rest of the stunning home.

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When glancing through photos of the six-bedroom, nine-bathroom residence, the picturesque decor and massive rooms stand out in a magnificent way. From the double curved staircase to it’s chic kitchen, almost all of its 8,347 square feet is filled with elegance.

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And then comes the basement.

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Which, admittedly, is vivid in its own right.

Basement Screen grab from Zillow

Sure, the brightly decorated space has a lot of cool amenities including:

Basement Screen grab from Zillow
  • Indoor basketball court

  • Gym

  • Theater

  • Bar area

  • Rec room

  • Indoor hot tub

Basement Screen grab from Zillow

But it’s the very 1980s vibe that has Zillow Gone Wild more than a little confused.

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“My brain is having a very hard time trying to comprehend how absurdly different the basement is from the rest of this gorgeous house,” one person said.

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“I am strangely drawn to this house. Fascinated, and a little frightened, but I think I love it,” another commented.

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“I…am confused,” someone expressed. “Did they want the house to LOOK impressive or a jumbled mess. So many themes here. I’ve described another ZGW house this way, and I’ll use it here: this house is a visual cacophony. There is so much going on.”

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“The late ‘80s called. They want their bowling alley and fun center carpet back,” one person joked.

Bathroom Screen grab from Zillow

“Came here for an amazing ‘Saved by the Bell’ memorabilia collection. Left disappointed,” another said. “I was so excited. So excited. Now I’m so… scared.”

Bedroom Screen grab from Zillow

“Wait is this all the same house?? Looks like 5 different houses in one!” someone commented.

Basketball court Screen grab from Zillow

The home, which sits on more than five acres in a “park-like setting,” currently has a pending offer, according to the online listing.

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