How To Decorate Your Home Like An Andy Warhol Painting

According to MoMA Learning, Warhol’s famous “Double Elvis” painting from 1963 features the legendary king of rock n roll upon the canvas, not once, but twice! If something looks good, why not duplicate it? If you wish to take inspiration from Warhol’s famous painting, find areas in your home where you can decorate with two of the same features and double up.

For example, you can flank the bed with two twin nightstands and two lamps for a symmetrical look in your bedroom. If your house is on the smaller side, don’t worry. Instead of doubling up on items that take up space on the floor, such as chairs, beds, and tables, get creative with your wall space. Double up on artwork, mirrors, shelves, and photography on your walls for a fun nod to Warhol. Instead of hanging one massive mirror as the focal point on your wall, place two medium-sized mirrors next to each other in a symmetrical line, equal distance apart. The added benefit of multiple mirrors in a smaller space is that reflective surfaces work make the room appear more bright and spacious (via Mirror City).

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