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What you should and should not bring to your on-campus apartment

With the school year just around the corner, stress can significantly contribute to your move-in date when preparing for new housing. For all my UC Berkeley students preparing to live in their first campus apartment this Fall semester, this list was specifically made for you. From my own experience, here are the things you should and should not bring to your new apartment.

You SHOULD bring kitchen and cookware

Your apartment will likely have a kitchen, and campus apartment kitchens usually only come with a microwave. So, you would need a toaster, pots, pans, dishes, utensils and so on (but make sure to contact your roommates first on who’s bringing what so as not to end up with duplicates). If you’re a frequent cook, you typically want to bring what you know you’ll need. Sharper knives are also most commonly forgotten. You don’t want to be stuck cutting food up with a butter knife!

You SHOULD NOT bring glassware

I would stray away from any glass dishes, mainly because they’ll be a hassle to pack away. You don’t want things breaking during move-in or out, especially with how chaotic it can be. You also have to consider that you’ll be living with other people, so mistakes can happen — and we don’t want something to accidentally break.

You SHOULD bring light room decorations

Wall posters and tapestries are lovely additions to your new room. It makes your living environment a lot more comfortable for the next nine months you’ll be in it. I know that I tried to convince myself I didn’t need any of it, but sure enough, I found myself decorating my room to make it feel more like it was mine. It’s a simple way to feel more at home and less like a stranger’s place.

You SHOULD NOT bring hefty wall decor

With that being said, you shouldn’t bring any room decor that requires heavy installment. You want to avoid making any holes in your wall or putting something up that will be difficult to take down. Although you want to make your space comfortable, you must remember that you’re only temporarily there. Wall putty and Command Strips are your best friends. Nails and screws are not!

You SHOULD bring stacked/collapsing hangers

You typically won’t know what kind of closet you’ll get until you arrive. It can be a sliding door closet or a wardrobe. It’s better to play it safe and assume you won’t have too much closet space for all your clothes. That’s why stacked hangers are essential. They allow for optimal space, and you can bring more clothes than you would with ordinary hangers.

You SHOULD NOT bring bulky storage bins

I know you might be tempted to bring bins to store your things in, but the truth is there won’t be much room for them. The best things you can use for moving your stuff in are collapsible storage bins that you can easily put away when they’re not needed. 

Every unit is different, and you’ll need different things depending on where you end up. Once you arrive and get settled, you’ll get a grasp of what you do and don’t need. So, don’t stress! As move-in day approaches, I wish everyone the best of luck!


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