The Untold Truth Of HomeGoods

Wandering the aisles of HomeGoods, T.J.Maxx, or Marshalls can feel somewhat overwhelming for shoppers. The discount prices, the adorable decor, and the sheer number of products hidden in every nook and cranny can have your cart overflowing before you know it. Here are a few tricks if you want to shop smarter and uncover the best deals.

The first thing to remember is that weekends are, unfortunately, not the best time to shop, according to Livingly. HomeGoods gets deliveries every other night, which means that Wednesdays and other weekday mornings are the best shop times. The weekends are sure to draw a crowd of excited shoppers, and the last thing you want to do is fend off other buyers while trying to feel inspired!

Another trick is to sharpen your eye and dig deeper. There are a ton of hidden gems on shelves, and you just might find the perfect item if you aren’t afraid to get low and really look. Don’t forget to move fast. If you’re planning to go home and think about that new chair or the chic picture frame and come back, then you might be disappointed. Inventory moves fast in this popular one-stop shop.

Keep an eye out for damaged or flawed items. Even if these items are already marked down, asking for a little extra doesn’t hurt. These stores love to move products, so you’ll find clearance racks and check-out lines jammed with last-minute items that stores want to clear out. Finally, make sure you understand HomeGoods’ sticker system. Yellow means final clearance price, red means marked down price, and purple signifies a designer label. Keep your eyes sharp and happy shopping!

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