These impressive home upgrades are really, really cheap & easy

When you think of home upgrades, you might imagine doorways swathed in plastic wrap, daily wake-ups to the sound of saws and drills, hours of discourse with your partner over fixture options, and invoices so staggering you feel the need to apologize to your credit cards. But not all home upgrades are like that.

Sometimes you can order something while you are lounging in a comfy bed, wait for it to be delivered, then install it with a tasty beverage in one hand while your partner laughs and says, “That’s awesome! You are a genius!” The latter scenario is not the stuff of fiction. This is a reality that can easily unfold when you grab your favorites from these impressive home upgrades that are really, really cheap and easy.

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The bidet that will change your day, every day

With hot and cold water and a dial that makes the power of the jets adjustable, this bidet attachment will turn your bathroom into a more luxurious space in about 10 minutes. It sits discreetly under the toilet seat and taps the clean water supply lines to provide a fantastic upgrade to any bathroom.


A wireless doorbell that installs in a few minutes without tools

It’s so easy to install this wireless doorbell that you could do it with a cup of coffee in hand. Stick the two ringers where visitors will find them. Then plug in the receiver and choose a ringtone and volume level. The receiver will also light up so you can see if someone’s at the door, even when your headphones are too loud to hear it.


This cold-brew coffee maker for a tasty morning cuppa at home

Wake up, stagger to the kitchen, open the fridge, and pour yourself a delicious, not bitter, cup of Joe from this cold-brew coffee maker carafe. It makes creating your morning brew something you can do the night before simply by filling the fine, precision-cut stainless steel filter with grounds, loading the borosilicate glass pitcher with water, and putting it in the fridge. When it’s done, remove the filter, install the sealing storage cap and it keeps in the fridge for days.


The bamboo lazy Susan you might use for everything

Set this bamboo lazy Susan turntable on the coffee table to serve snacks that everyone can reach. Or use it to make the spices you keep next to the stove easier to manage. It’s even ideal in a cupboard or on your vanity so nothing gets lost in the back. “I got two of these for the inside of my fridge,” said one reviewer. “Finally, I don’t have to take […] everything out of the fridge to access what’s in the back!”


The big box of hangers that cleans up your closet

Transform your closet from a chaotic clutter of mismatched hangers into one where every garment has a place and never falls to the floor with this big box of 50 velvet hangers. They have a notch to keep strapped and slippery items from sliding off, are covered in grippy velvet so everything else stays where you put it, and the hook rotates 360 degrees.


A set of cable clips that makes charging easier

If your phone charging cable is always sliding to the floor where you have to crawl around to retrieve it, corral it by peeling and sticking one of these cable clips to your bedside table and desk. Where you plug in the cord, also snap it into a clip so it stays put. This is a six-pack of single cord clips.


These LED lights that are the easy solution to dark stairs & closets

If you have to feel your way down the stairs and get a flashlight out to find things in your closets, meet this three-pack of LED stair lights. Just stick them to the stair risers or in your closet and they will solve those problems STAT. They turn on when they sense motion and turn off again 30 seconds later so you will be able to see when it’s dark without even thinking about it.


These pants hangers that hold four pairs in the footprint of one

These four-tier pants hangers create space in your closet by hanging four pairs of pants from one hanger, taking advantage of the vertical space. They also create a closet that is easier to dress from since you can see all your pants without hunting through the entire closet. This is a three-pack.


This laptop stand that lifts your view & looks good doing it

When you spend your days in Zoom meetings on your laptop, lift the camera and screen up to a more comfortable height (and better angle) with this attractive laptop stand that looks good on your desk. The aluminum stand is sturdy, holds your keyboard at an ergonomic angle, and offers a little storage space under the computer.


These unique floating shelves for stylish storage

Create a bit of visual interest and a place to set a few photos, plants, or your favorite miniatures with this set of two hatch-pattern floating shelves. They are easy to hang and come in five finishes. “These made decorating easy,” said one reviewer. “I hung them in the bathroom, and instantly added a decorative element that was missing from the room. Each unit is holding candles, knick-knacks, a small plant, and washcloths.”


This clever backlight kit that elevates your TV experience

Transform your viewing experience quickly and easily with this affordable TV backlight kit that lets you choose 10 levels of brightness and 15 colors, plugs into a USB port on the TV, has a handy remote, and gets over 8,000 five-star reviews. “I never watched TV in a completely dark room before because the TV would be so bright and hurt my eyes after a while. Now, I don’t have that issue,” said one reviewer.


A huge, rainfall-style shower head for more amazing bathing

It’s surprisingly simple and easy to upgrade your morning shower, all thanks to this stainless steel high-pressure rain shower head. “This shower head provides a strong flow and a large area of coverage,” said one reviewer. “I purchased it after using one just like it in a hotel, fell in love, and ordered it before we got home. I recommend this to everyone in the world.” It’s available in four colors: brushed nickel, chrome, chrome gold, and matte black.


The easy, plug-in trick for making any lamp dimmable

This plug-in light dimmer is a simple and effective way to turn any lamp into one that you can dim or brighten. Just plug the dimmer into the wall and the lamp into the dimmer, then use the slider to set the level of light you want. “We bought this for a string of lights we have strung around the top of our screened-in porch,” said one reviewer. “Works great, and is perfect for nighttime when you don’t want them on full brightness.”


The genius colander that rests in your sink

Open this sink colander up until it fits over your sink and pour your pasta water through it, wash your fruits and vegetables in it, and use it to drop just-washed flatware into to drip dry. It’s easier than a colander, hands-free unlike a strainer, and looks beautiful in your kitchen. It comes in eight colors and stores neatly in a drawer.


This rug tape so your rugs stay where you put them

If your rugs bunch up when the pets play or while you vacuum, this double-sided rug tape will remove that hassle from your life. Just stick it to the bottom of the rugs and they should stay where you put them. You can tear it with your hands so it’s easy to install and it won’t mark your floors. “I don’t know why I didn’t do this years ago,” said one reviewer. “My dog and I both can walk in the kitchen and bathroom without tip-toeing over the rugs, afraid we are going to fall. I did this two months ago and have run the vacuum over them often and they have not moved.”


A pair of big under-bed storage bags that cleans up the closet fast

If your closet has turned into a chaotic, overflowing mess, pack away extra blankets and off-season clothes into this pair of under-bed storage bags and remove that mess fast without having to cull your stuff. They are big, have clear tops so you can see what’s in them, and are easy to pull out because they have a big, sturdy handle on the front.


The baking mats that replace greasing the pan

Forget messily greasing the pan, or even tearing off a one-time-use piece of parchment paper. These silicone baking mats are the tool for modern cooks. Everything washes right off of them, they are heat resistant, they stop baked goods from sticking, they store easily, and make it so you don’t have to wash a crusty, bulky baking sheet. This set of four even has pre-drawn templates so your cookies are all the same size.


A sturdy sun shade that creates outdoor comfort

Hang one or more of these sun shade sails anywhere you want to create a shady spot to enjoy the outdoors, without building anything expensive or difficult. The big fabric triangles are made from a UV-blocking fabric that allows water and air through so you can stay cool in the sun. They attach at three corners, to your house or poles. “We have this over our deck to give some much-needed summer shade and prevent burnt paws,” said one reviewer. “Now in its third year, and it’s holding up well.”


This handy wall-mounted rack for your pots & pans

Get your pots and pans out of those low and vast cupboards that are so frustrating to deal with and onto this wall-mounted pot and pan rail that hangs them on the wall, right where you can reach them. It’s a nice way to turn your beautiful and pricey collection of pans and utensils into wall art, and makes cooking faster and easier. It comes with 15 hooks.


An electric wine opener for easier sipping

If struggling with a bottle and cork to get to your wine feels like unnecessary torment, this electric wine opener will open that bottle for you. Once you remove the foil on the bottle with the included foil cutter, just place the opener on the top, press a button, and watch through the viewing window as it removes the cork. Press the release button and it will spit the cork out and be ready to open another bottle.


The solution to your plastic bag storage problem

Need a system for managing plastic bags so you can easily reuse them? Mount this plastic bag saver to the inside of a cabinet or the pantry wall and solve that problem elegantly. Stuff empty bags into the top as you unpack the groceries. Then, when you need a trash can liner or carry sack, pull one from the front. “I bought this to fix what had become, a nightmare! It was just the ticket! I can clearly see when I have accumulated enough for my use so that the excess can be recycled.”


These shelves that hang easily from the closet rod

Not every garment thrives when hanging from a coat hanger. For those that prefer to be stacked and folded, this hanging closet organizer lets you keep them in your closet where you can see your options when you are getting dressed. Just hang it from the rod and it delivers five shelves and six mesh pockets (on the sides) for you to store everything from sweaters to bags, gloves, and wallets.


These thermal blackout curtains that help block noise & light

Hang these thermal blackout curtains in that sunny window to enable daytime naps and you will discover that your room is also quieter and cooler because these help block heat transfer, noise, and light with the black thermal liner that’s sewn into the backside. “My room was constantly too hot,” said one reviewer. “The second I changed to these, I noticed a 10-degree difference. They are awesome. Keeps the room nice and dark in the morning as well.”


This tidy box that hides your cable clutter

That snarl of cables on the floor under your desk or entertainment center isn’t just messy, it can be dangerous to pets and small children. That’s easy to fix, though. You probably don’t even have to unplug everything. Drop the power strip into this cable management box, thread the cords through the wire slots, and snap on the lid. Tidy and safe again.


A spiffy plant stand to turn that cactus into art

Elevate your snake plant or orchid by setting it into this mid-century modern plant stand that not only looks elegant in your room, but raises your plants up to sun-basking height and turns them into a more substantial piece of decor. It’s easy to assemble and is 10 inches high.


A rolling storage cart that can fit in tight spaces

Although this slim rolling cart on wheels is so slender that it will slide between the washer and dryer or next to the toilet in your tiny bathroom, it holds a lot. Stack the toilet paper and cleaning supplies in there. Stash your laundry sundries. The wheels lock, the shelves drain, and there are hooks to hang washcloths or dusters on.


This broom holder you can mount to the closet door

Instead of letting the mops and brooms take over the entire closet, mount this mop and broom holder to the wall or inside the door of the closet and snap all your long-handled tools into the clamps. They won’t fall over. Wet mop heads will air dry. And there are also four hooks for dusters, rags, and other smaller items.


These vacuum storage bags that let you store more in less space

When your closet is overflowing, pack all the blankets, sheets, spare towels, and other items you don’t use frequently into these six vacuum storage bags. When you attach your vacuum cleaner — or the included hand pump — to the valve and suck out all the air, the bags will reduce in size and become easy to stack. It’s a great way to fit more in a suitcase, too.


A set of silicone coasters that helps protect your table

This set of six silicone coasters is a simple and decorative way to stop cocktails and coffee cups from damaging your furniture. The elegant ridges look pleasing while catching water and channeling it away from your glass, and they are dishwasher safe, silent, and come in seven decor-complementing neutral hues.


A 2-tier dish rack with a compact footprint

Give yourself plenty of room to set down dishes as you wash them without eating up the entire counter with this two-tiered dish rack. It has a detachable basket for utensils that can hang on either side, arranges plates neatly on the top level, has a rack for large items like platters and cutting boards on one end, and sits on a drainboard that channels water into the sink.


The gap cover that saves you from messy stove spills

If you spill at the stove, which does tend to happen, some of that mess is going to drip down into that little gap between the counter and the edge of your slide-in range. And that’s a major hassle to clean up. You have to pull the stove out and if you don’t do it, it can attract bugs and cause damage. Install this silicone gap cover and prevent those messes from happening. This two-pack just slides in and essentially disappears into your decor.


This food scale that helps make cooking faster & easier

Using weight instead of fussing with measuring cups is a great way to speed up your cooking projects and it makes for better accuracy if you are trying to control portion size. And this little food scale is an attractive, simple, and even colorful way to do it. It reads in four units of measure, has a quick button to tare out your container or other ingredients in the bowl, and comes in seven colors.


A coat rack so you can stash coats & hats near the door

This wooden tree coat rack is an easy and decorative way to give you a place to hang your hat or backpack when you walk in the door. The height is adjustable so you can make one for adults or for kids and it’s easy to assemble. It offers six hooks that will hold everything from jackets to briefcases and comes in lots of finishes so you can match it to your interior.


A decorative wine rack that turns your collection into decor

Instead of hiding your wine in a cupboard, set this countertop wine rack in a corner of the kitchen or dining room and turn that investment into a decorative element that promises festive fun. Iron branches grow from a wooden base to hold six bottles of wine in an ideal position for storage.


This pair of sleek-looking automatic salt & pepper grinders

Make salting and peppering your food more entertaining — and delicious — by putting salt crystals and peppercorns in these electric grinders that turn on automatically when you turn them over. They have a switch in them that’s triggered by the flip. Turn the dial to select the grind you like, and there’s even a built-in LED light so you can see just where and how much spice you’re using.


The fast & easy way to repair holes in your walls

Fixing those errant holes in your walls is super easy with this drywall repair putty in a twist-up stick. Just rub it over the hole to fill it, dust off the excess, and paint over it. Done! “I removed about ten framed photographs from a wall, leaving obvious nail holes,” said one reviewer. “I rolled this drywall repair putty over the holes, and it completely changed the appearance of the wall, hiding most of the obvious nail holes.”


This huge set of chair & table leg pads that helps protect your floors

Stick these felt furniture pads to the legs of your dining chairs, tables, and other furniture so they won’t scratch your floors when you move them. Chairs will glide silently over hardwood floors without doing damage. You can move your big armchair to vacuum without a huge production. And they are super easy to apply — just peel and stick.


A wall-mounted bathroom organizer with a built-in toothpaste dispenser

This futuristic wall-mounted toothbrush holder will clean up the bathroom vanity and make everything about your daily ablutions tidier, cleaner, and easier. Four toothbrushes hang in the covered rack, keeping the brush ends dust free. Two cups cling magnetically to the bottom — upside down so they are neat and dry when you use them. A toothpaste dispenser keeps toothpaste off the sink. And there is storage for personal items and a drawer to keep small sundries safe.


The quiet mattress protector that’s actually waterproof

If you equate waterproof mattress protectors with the feeling of sleeping on a plastic bag, you have not met this mattress protector that has a silent waterproof membrane on the bottom and an absorbent cotton terry surface on top. “It’s crinkle-free,” said one of the 185,000 five-star reviews. “No plastic rustling or crinkling sounds when you touch it, which was honestly my biggest concern. It fit my mattress easily with plenty of depth and is thin enough that my regular mattress pad still fits over it, as well as sheets, without any problem.”


A tiny filter that helps clean the air around you

Set this mini air filter on your desk, bedside table, or kitchen counter to help clean the air in your immediate vicinity. It pulls air in and forces it through a HEPA filter, which helps remove airborne particles like dust, smoke, pollen, and bacteria so you can breathe cleaner, fresher-smelling air.


The simple solution for under-door drafts

If you can feel a draft coming in under your door, that means the heating and air conditioning are leaving through that exit, bugs can get in, and your space is noisier than it needs to be. This is so easy to fix with this door draft stopper. Just cut it to fit your door and peel and stick it to the bottom. It is insulated to block drafts (and everything else) and flexible enough so the door opens and closes easily. Almost 27,000 people give it five stars.


A soft, textured bath mat you can put in the shower

This textured bath mat feels delightful on your feet and can go in the shower to make the surface less slippery, or next to the shower to step onto when exiting with wet feet. It clings firmly to your floor or shower and lets water — but not hair! — through. Reviewers love it and give it nearly 9,000 five-star reviews.


A toilet paper stand with a shelf for your phone

Set this clever toilet paper stand down in the bathroom and solve several problems at once. It provides a place to store several backup rolls of paper along with a hook to dispense the in-use roll. And there is a shelf on top that makes an ideal place to set your phone or some wipes.


These silky pillowcases that are gentler to hair & skin

Rest your head on these satin pillowcases and wake up with hair and skin that hasn’t been tugged and creased by harsh materials. This two-pack is silky and soft and shouldn’t catch or pull your hair while you sleep. The pillowcases also come in lots of beautiful colors and have over 250,000 ratings.


An affordable fabric shaver with over 9,000 five-star reviews

A good fabric shaver can save you a small fortune by bringing furniture, clothes, and coats, back to like-new after they have developed pills, fuzz, and other effects of age and use. And this fabric shaver is not only less than the price of a sandwich, it’s wildly popular and rechargeable. “I love this shaver. It’s easy to use, practical, and effective,” said one reviewer. “I shaved the lint from an old sweater and it becomes like new again. It’s easy to clean and it charges quickly.”

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