The next big interior trends: looks, colours, and styles defining the rest of 2022

So far in 2022, design trends have centred around reclaiming the spaces given over to home working, a renewed interest in bringing nature indoors, and a drive to purchase in a more sustainable manner. For autumn/winter 2022, homes become more confident and joyful, with strong retro references, and a warming colour palette.

As we close the year, the 70s revival will only become more prevalent, as we tap into the fun and optimism of the era. Our kitchens will see a big shift, as we embrace creative tiling, some playful colourways, and new ways to display trinkets and treasures. We will also find fulfilment in rolling up our sleeves and tackling DIY home projects – a trend that has continued since lockdown.

Below, six design experts weigh in on what they believe will be the top interior design trends for autumn/winter 2022…

The 70’s Revival

The laidback styling, natural materials, and earthy tones of 70s interior design have found new life in 2022. ’70s interior design is making a big comeback,’ says Matilda Martin, trend specialist at Lick. ‘This decor style is relaxed and fun, evocative of the free-spiritedness and optimism of the 70s era.

‘It includes an eclectic mix of textures and patterns, such as animal prints, furry shag pile rugs, velvet furnishings, geometric shapes, and soft curved edges. All of which we can expect to see returning to the home. There is also a biophilic element to 70s decor that appeals to a modern-day market. A lean towards natural materials like rattan or cork, handcrafted ceramics, and macrame wall hangings. Not to mention a houseplant or two.’

In terms of colour, the 70s trend is rich and earthy. ‘Warmth emanates from a 70s-inspired home, largely through its colour scheme. People are adding that 70s groove and energy into their homes by incorporating earthy browns, terracotta reds and oranges (think Lick’s Red 03 or Orange 02 on your walls) and opting for low lighting in the form of the iconic mushroom lamp,’ Matilda adds.

Bare essentials

autumn winter 2022 interior trends

Those averse to bright colours and busyness in the home will find themselves with a lot more choice in 2022, with the proliferation of warm neutrals and simple accent pieces designed to stand in isolation.

‘It’s worth exploring neutral interiors to create a relaxing zone to welcome autumn,’ says Vicki Foster, interior stylist at ScS. ‘By keeping your colour palette limited you can create a cohesive, interesting space that helps you feel cocooned and centred. Stick to light browns that will be bright during the day but warm in the evening, and distribute this across the entire room.

‘When it comes to accessories, don’t overcrowd your space. If the goal is to create a calm environment, you don’t want clutter. Think carefully about the decoration and choose items that add substance to the room, such as lamps, rugs, cushions that bring light and texture. Vases, mirrors and frames also work great for adding visual elements.’

Open shelving

autumn winter 2022 interior trends

Clever storage solutions will never lose favour in a kitchen, but open shelving is increasingly used as a design device to introduce a touch of informality to an otherwise functional space.

‘For those with traditional or farmhouse kitchens, peek-a-boo pantries and simple details such as open shelving can really elevate the rustic feel of your space whilst providing practical solutions for storage,’ says Lizzie Beesley, Head of Design at Magnet. ‘From baskets and jars to antique dishes and glasses, use these exposed features to add your own unique personality to your home.’

Open shelving is the chef’s choice, too. ‘When you cook a lot, you want to have a lot of open shelves, like you can with String,’ says Michelin star chef, Karim Khouani. ‘You don’t want too many doors and cabinets. There is no need, everything on the shelves is used almost every day. And you want everything within reach. Hooks, hanger racks, and rods are a really good way to keep utensils and pans at the ready. Metal shelves are hardy and gives the kitchen a rustic touch.’

Creative tiling

autumn winter 2022 interior trends

Tiles have long been used to introduce colour and pattern to areas of the home that are high traffic, but uses are expanding in 2022, as we see tiles adorning headboards and feature walls, and with creative motifs and laying patterns.

‘Tiles are beautiful pieces of art on their own and have the power to utterly transform a room,’ says Adrian Blundell, Production Director at Craven Dunnill Jackfield. ‘If you’re looking to experiment with bold colours and decors and inspired layouts and patterns, tiles are the perfect way to make a distinctive design statement that is uniquely individual.’

Andrew Bendall, Marketing Manager at Craven Dunnill Jackfield, elaborates: ‘This year, we have noticed an increased sense of creativity to the way our customers are wishing to display their tiles at home. Whilst colour is key, the different ways that you can lay your tiles are a wonderful way of expressing creativity and bringing a touch of individuality to a space. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, a herringbone pattern is beautifully striking while an offset or linear pattern is a perfect alternative for something more subtle.’

Wellbeing pink

We recently reported on the rise of pastel kitchens – a third of Brits believe pastel colours are most likely to evoke feelings of joy and happiness – and a soft pink has emerged as the colour of choice to invoke a sense of wellness.

‘It’s no surprise to us that we’re all lusting for colour as homeowners steer away from grey, but we are amazed at the consumer response to the connection between colour and wellbeing,’ says Lizzie. ‘Wellbeing has become a primary focus for design which is why it’s such a positive sign that homeowners are actively craving colour in the home for this specific aim.

Pink kitchens work especially well with bronze and brass, which can add plenty of warmth to a space without feeling overwhelming. Soft blush pink walls teamed with white units and brass hardware creates a space that is not only warm and inviting, but ultra-modern too. If you’re going for rose or dark pink cabinets, opt for gold or brass accents and handles that will complement the tones with a sophisticated and contemporary touch.’

DIY wall panelling

autumn interior trends 2022

Brits spent £110.3 billon on home improvements during lockdown, and there’s no sign of us downing tools in 2022. Wall panelling has emerged as the go-to DIY project, (read our simple guide to DIY wall panelling,) and social media has become a hub of inspiration – try searching the hashtags #wallpanelling and #wallpanellingideas to see what other people have been up to.

‘The DIY project has gained loads of traction online as over 23.8 million TikTok users see how much difference the addition of wall panelling can have on a room’ say the interior experts at Stelrad. ‘By adding wooden panels to a feature wall before adding a lick of paint, the high end appearance adds an instant touch of luxury, helping you to achieve a premium feel on a budget. Many people choose to add panelling in the bedroom behind the headboard, creating a focal point that can suit a variety of aesthetics and add new textures to a plain surface.’

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