Why is it Worth Having a Rug in Your Kitchen?

Blue and white cabinets in modern kitchen interior with wooden floor

Carpet in the kitchen? The first thing that comes to mind is dirt that penetrates into it, crumbs that are hard to get rid of, stains that cannot be cleaned – coffee, juice, sauce and who knows what else! But does it really have to be this way? Not necessarily. The rug is perfect for the kitchen – provided that it is properly cared for and the right material is selected.

Kitchen Rug – hit or Kitschy Addition?

Definitely a hit! The floor in the kitchen is usually covered with stoneware or tiles, which are usually cold. In summer it can be pleasant – after all, you cool your feet and it’s just nice, but in winter…? Not everyone likes to wear slippers. This is where a kitchen rug comes in handy, as it warms your feet on cold days and makes standing at the counter a pleasant experience.

Another advantage of rugs in the kitchen is that… they are very practical! It is constantly said that this is an extremely unfortunate solution, because the kitchen floor gets dirty the fastest, ergo the carpet will be difficult to keep clean, but it is completely different! If there are any crumbs on the carpet – just roll it up and shake it, even over the bathtub. There is no need to pull out a vacuum cleaner or a mop right away! When it comes to wet stains – just wipe them with a cloth or sponge with a little detergent.

The last but one of the most important aspects of having a carpet in the kitchen is the fact that it is an exceptionally stylish and unusual decoration! Kitchen carpets are rare, precisely because of the misconception of their practicality, and they can contribute a lot to the arrangement. They will visually warm the room and give it a pleasant atmosphere – the kitchen will look nice, fashionable and interesting, exactly as the most important room in the house should look!

Which Kitchen Rug Should I Choose?

When choosing a kitchen carpet, pay attention to:

• Size – ideally the rug should be small and light so that it can be shaken out whenever needed.

• Fabric – you can find specialized carpets designed for rooms with higher levels of humidity, as well as those that can be easily washed in the washing machine. They are perfect for the kitchen! For hygienic reasons, the kitchen rug should not have large bristles – then all impurities will be a bit more difficult to clean.

• Pattern – the more patterned the rug, the less it shows! Currently, carpets with “Persian” motifs are returning to favor, full of motifs and colors, where all contamination becomes less visible. Of course, this does not exempt you from having to clean the carpet, but it certainly means you don’t have to nervously peek at every crumb!

The carpet in the kitchen is a perfect solution – practical and elegant. Such a decoration can also do a lot when it comes to the visual impression – the rug will visually reduce the space a bit, making a spacious kitchen even more cozy. It’s definitely worth considering!

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