MrCrayFish's Furniture mod is incredible and allows extensive customization (Image via CurseForge)

5 best Minecraft decoration mods in 2022

In Minecraft, there are thousands of unique mods available. These additions can turn the player into a mob at the drop of a hat or make trees explode like creepers. Furthermore, they can even flip the dimensions if the creator wants them to. In summation, mods can truly do anything.

With that being said, they are extensively used in Java Edition due to their accessibility. Bedrock Edition does have them, but not as prominently as compared to its counterpart.

In that regard, decoration mods allow one to change how something looks. They’re often used by players who want to build structures. Here are a few excellent options for this type of mod.

Minecraft decoration mods that will blow your mind

5) Exline’s Furniture Mod

This mod asks the important question of whether or not players have the decorations they need for their empty house. In vanilla Minecraft, the answer is always negative.

Players will often spend ages accentuating the exterior of their house, without focusing on the interior. This mod eliminates the issue by adding plenty of decorations to the latter section.

4) Tinker’s Construct

This mod may not add as many new items or textures as other decoration add-ons, but it does allow for a lot of customization. It goes without saying that mods are often used for their customization abilities, which is what makes Tinker’s Construct so much fun.

With this mod equipped, crafters can fully customize items by altering their shapes and more. This extends to shapes that were previously not even in the game. It is especially quite useful for furniture mods.

3) Candy Craft

The Candy Craft mod is incredibly colorful (Image via Minecraft Mods)
The Candy Craft mod is incredibly colorful (Image via Minecraft Mods)

Candy Craft has a lot of allure. At first glance, it looks like a fun, bright resource pack, but that’s exactly what Minecraft players get. For decoration, it doesn’t get much better than this. Blocks can get old and adjusting to new textures is always a challenge, but this is an excellent mod to try out new designs.

Another aspect to note is that blocks never look the same. Although the mod needs some adjustment, it remains popular nonetheless. Straying from the usual Minecraft aesthetic, players will relish this decoration mod.

2) Furnicraft 3D

Although Minecraft has almost everything that players need, it features a significant dearth of furniture. Those who play to build structures are often forced to get quite creative to achieve their preferred aesthetic. Furthermore, tables and chairs are common items that don’t actually exist in the game’s vanilla version.

This is where a simple but very helpful mod like Furnicraft 3D comes into play.

This add-on introduces over 500 new furniture items, including dishes and other kitchen utensils to truly spice up the build. It’s an older mod but was recently updated to the latest version, making it perfect for current players.

1) MrCrayFish’s Furniture Mod

9 YEARS AGO @MrCrayfish published his popular Furniture mod on PMC. It currently has 3+ MILLION views and nearly 1.5M downloads! It includes over 80 unique pieces of furniture and a working mail system! Updated and is 1.16 compatible!

When it comes to decoration mods, none are better than MrCrayFish’s Furniture Mod. This is the premier furniture add-on in the game and the most common one too. Anyone who’s interested in designing things should check this mod out.

It’s also quite customizable, so players can adjust it to achieve their preferred aesthetic. This mod has the transformative ability to totally change the game. For instance, a diamond ore block can look unrecognizable with this add-on, which is effectively its purpose.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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