5 home decor ideas for festive season

5 home decor ideas for festive season

New Delhi, Aug 15 (UNI) A general rule of thumb when it comes to home decor is to play around with what you own or make a minimal investment in timeless items with a longer shelf life.

If you abide by this statement, then this festive season, make minor tweaks to your living room and add a festive cheer as per your taste and not just the trend.

So, this festival season, if you wish to do an ultra-makeover of your living room and make it reflect your personality style, Palash Agrawal, Chief Design Head, Vedas Exports shares list of tips to brighten up your space.

1) Make the most of multi-colored accessories:

Vibrant home decor accessories can make a massive difference to the entire appearance of your living room. Accessories are probably the easiest way to add a festive look to any space. Since it’s practically impossible to get your walls painted or couches changed every year, you can spruce up your living area with basic yet attractive items like framed metal art that can be found in distinct patterns – flowers, birds, nature, or automotive. Combine this with other wall art, like fancy bookshelves or metallic mirrors by brands like Vedas Exports, and beautify your plain, dull walls in new ways.

2) Get innovative with light:

Indulging in multiple lighting sources is the best way to brighten up your living room in the festive season. Lights offer the dual advantage of uplifting the season’s spirit and enhancing the look of any corner. From classy metallic candle holders that can be wall-mounted to traditional iron lanterns – the sky is the limit when it comes to lighting options. You can even opt for string LED lights and have your windows or a specific wall encircled with these lights.

3) Flowers never fail to impress:

One of the easiest and economical ways to make your living room, or entire home, look festive-ready is to decorate it with fresh flowers and fancy vases and platters. Pick any corner or table in the room, arrange a vase or two with a side of metallic platters, and fill them up with fresh or artificial flowers. As an extension of this theme, you may also place a few house plants at the entryway or adjacent to a statement wall and instantly see your living area turning into a cozy room!

4) Catch hold of statement showpieces for the showcase:

When reworking your living room, remember that your showcase and center table can be the best canvases you can generously make use of. Declutter your showcase and set a new festive-special theme to deck it up. If you love all things vibrant and colorful, a multi-colored dancing lady figurine by Vedas can do perfect justice to your showcase.

You can pair this up with a few more differently shaped figures, such as a butterflies showpiece or a bird family showpiece, to make that space of your house a conversation starter. Likewise, your center table too can become an attractive point with décor items like a metallic bowl or plate holding flowers, petals, candles, or eatables.

5) Re-imagine the room with new sofa sets and cushion covers:

If you are tight on budget and not fixated on investing in décor items, change your upholstery to add a tinge of newness. From sofa sets to cushion covers, dining table spreads to rugs, tweak your living room interiors just enough to kick-start festivities. You can even consider changing the curtains, which greatly affects how the space appears.

It doesn’t matter whether you are thinking of cleaning up your owned space or a rented apartment for the festive season; these expert tips will make your living room and the entire house the talk of the town. Don’t hold yourself back; grab a few of these elements and change the face of your humble home.

Make these festivals even more joyful by sharing your space and happiness by welcoming your friends and family.


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