The Pottery Barn Items That Will Give You The Best Value

A good sofa can change the entire setup of a living space, and it is often the central gathering space of a home, meaning that many of our most important family moments happen whilst gathered on a sofa. However, sofas and couches can be some of the most expensive purchases one makes throughout the home furnishing process. Pottery Barn offers a wide range of pricing across their various sofas, but we have found the Sanford Square Arm Upholstered Sofa to offer the best value in terms of quality, comfort, and pricing.

Starting at just $599, the Sanford Sofa allows customers to choose the details, sizing, and fabric based on their budgetary, logistical, and stylistic desires. Each individualized sofa of this model boasts a high back, loose cushions, and trim arms, making it extremely comfortable while also being ideal for smaller, more compact spaces. While many similarly modeled sofas cost well over $1,000, with the right fabric choice, this affordable, stylish sofa offers both comfort and affordability.

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