The Best Bedding Color If You Have A Blue Bedroom

While it might seem like standard knowledge, one of the best accents you can add to a blue palette is white. This combination shows up in a multitude of decor styles, interior designs, and themes throughout history. According to Thistlewood Farms, this mixture is a timeless one. Nautical, coastal, country, and shabby chic all have roots in this color scheme, using the crisp, complimentary colors to offset one another perfectly. If you’re trying to decorate a blue bedroom, one of the easiest and best options is a white sheet set or variations that feature both. Stripes, patterns, and solids that overlap can work together to create a welcoming, sophisticated air perfect for any personality.

You don’t have to commit to bright whites, either. Creams, beiges, and ivories all work well with dark and light blues, though some might offer better combinations than others. If you plan to go with this accent, it is easy to pull any of these shades throughout the room through artwork, small decor items, and furniture too.

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