New Ghostbusters LED shadow light is this year's must-have Halloween decoration!

Something strange is in the neighborhood, but luckily for Ghostbusters fans, it looks good, as a brand new LED shadow light has been found on store shelves!

Jason Halle of franchise group the North PA Ghostbusters gave us the heads up on this year’s must-have Halloween item, finding it at his local Lowe’s, with the light including imagery of the classic logo, Ecto-1, Ghost Trap, a Terror Dog, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and more.

Made by Halloween experts at Gemmy, the actual product is listed as Shadowlights Ghostbusters, with the product description reading:

Surround yourself in a colorful rotation of images from Ghostbusters! This delightfully spooky tabletop light casts static or rotating images in all directions. Perfect for your tabletop or mantel, ShadowLights™ Ghostbusters makes a thrilling addition to any room. Shines with bright green LED light.

If you’re like us, you no doubt want to check out the light in action, and luckily Halle sent over the footage, which we’ve included within today’s feature video, found below.

If you’re looking to track down one of these for yourself, along with Lowe’s, Gemmy has confirmed they’ll also be available at TJ Maxx and Walmart Canada.

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