Tips To Decorate Your Side Tables And Elevate Your Living Room Aesthetic

When decorating a side table, make sure to keep the design simple. This will help you avoid a cluttered or chaotic look. In fact, Blesser House suggests only using three to five items, since the space is so small. Typically, these items will include a lamp, a personal item like a picture frame, and a plant or decorative piece. Additionally, remember that one of the uses of an end table is to hold a beverage glass or other things like a phone. Make sure you leave enough room on the surface for these items.

To corral smaller items, you could use a small trinket bowl or dish. Per Eliza Grace Interiors, you can use baskets to hold things like remotes, cords, or coasters. Choosing an end table with storage will also help you keep this space organized. If you’re really limited on space, you could use the room around this piece of furniture for extra design elements. For instance, you could replace a table lamp with one on the floor, or you could bring the eye up with wall art above the table.

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