These Dorm Room Decorations Are EVERYTHING

Even though the end of summer is near, there are still tons to look forward to.

If youre heading off to college for the first time in the fall, you get to meet new people, discover new passions and best of all… decorate your dorm room! Not sure where to begin in your design journey? Dont worry, weve got you covered. Keep scrolling to get a look at some dorm room decorations we think you will love.

Smiley Mirrors: $38

One way to decorate your room is to start by tackling the boring walls. And what better way to make your room welcoming than with some smiley faces? These decorative mirrors work as art and have a bit of mirror to them just in case you need to touch up your makeup, hair or outfit without running to the floors bathroom.

(via Etsy)


Target Room Essentials Frame Set of 7: $35

Frames are not the cheapest things, but if youre looking for a group of frames to use for various-sized pieces of art, this Room Essentials bundle is great. It comes with seven black frames that are modern and sleek and at a great price.

seven various sized frames

(via Target)


Ivory 4′ x 6′ Hand Woven Chindi Cotton Rug: $64

Your dorm likely comes with a carpet thats not too cute, so why not add a rug that will surely pull the whole dorm room together? This simple ivory checkered woven rug is muted enough to go with every theme and is easy to clean.

woven rug

(via Rugs)


Macrame Bohemian Wall Hanging Shelves: $28

For our bohemian-styled people, we found this double-hanging shelf which we think is adorable. Its great for plants, jewelry, makeup, books and everything in between. It can be used as decoration while also being a fully functional and practical piece of art.

bohemian-styled shelving

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Target Spritz Cactus Pom Pom Garland: $5

If you want to add a pop of color to your dorm, you need to take a look at this fun garland. Target sells these fun pink, orange and yellow pom pom garlands for only $5! Its something small that can really bring your room to life, and if you find you are missing just the slightest little decoration, this is a perfect and inexpensive route.

pom pom decorations

(via Target)


Woonkit Vintage Rock Band Posters: $17

Decorating your dorm is a great way to show off your interests, and if youre into vintage rock bands, we think youll love these posters. If your parents brought you up blaring Queen during family gatherings or The Beatles in the car, these rock band posters would be perfect for wall art in your dorm. Coming in a 12-pack, you can pick and choose which posters and bands you like best, or, you can just use them all!

rock band posters

(via Amazon)


Happy Face Tufted Mini Throw Pillow: $19

Smiley faces are trending for a reason—just look at how cute this pillow is! Keep the smiley vibe going and add a happy face pillow to the mix. If you want a colorful one, theres a teal and yellow option. However, if youre looking for something else, there is a more relaxed black and lavender version.

happy face throw pillows

(via Urban Outfitters)


Homesick State Candles: $38

Its normal to miss your hometown, especially if youre attending college in a completely different state. Lucky for you, Homesick has crafted the perfect scent for each state! Any time youre missing your family and friends from back home, just light this candle and allow it to transport you to a different place.

homesick candles

(via Homesick)


LED Lights 65.6ft: $20

Theres nothing that makes a dorm room more vibey than LED lights, and this set has the option to change colors! They bring life and light to plain, boring rooms. Plus, you can put them wherever you want—under your bed, as overhead lighting or behind your TV!

LED lighting
(via Amazon)


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Seeing Stars Colorful Books: $12

Another way to brighten up your dorm room is to get coffee table books! Since there probably isnt room for an actual coffee table, setting out bright books on your desk is sure to liven up the space. We love these astrology books, in particular!

colorful coffee table books

(via Anthropologie)


LR Home Tufted Ringed Yellow Throw Blanket: $28

To keep the bohemian theme going, we thought this throw was the perfect combination of style and practicality. This yellow throw blanket has a soft yellow color that would look great with the Spritz Cactus Pom Pom Garland, mentioned above!

yellow throw blanket

(via Walmart)


Dormify Dotted Removable Wallpaper: $49

If youre trying to give your dorm room a serious makeover without any permanent damage, removable wallpaper is a great idea. And this kind from Dormify is so easy to use! With tons of patterns and colors available to choose from, we think you and your new roomie will find something both of you enjoy.

removable wallpaper

(via Dormify)


Anthropologie Cactus Vases: $16-20

Looking for one last piece to the puzzle? Look no further than these groovy and bright cactus vases! Whether you place real flowers or dried herbs like eucalyptus or lavender on the inside is entirely up to you.

cactus vases
(via Anthropologie)


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