Over 8,800 Amazon Shoppers Love This On-Sale Self-Adhering Paper Towel Holder for a Clutter-Free Look

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Kitchen countertops are worth their weight in gold. From rolling out pie dough to chopping veggies for stir fry, having room to work freely in an area that can often be tight is tricky. It’s especially a drag when appliances, paper towel holders, and knife stands can take up so much space. If you’re struggling to clear up the clutter, you’ll definitely want to grab the Dr. Catch Self-Adhering Paper Towel Holder. Amazon shoppers rave over its effective design — plus, you can get it for up to 42% off right now. 

This paper towel holder cleverly adheres itself to almost any surface in your kitchen. Its design is sleek and slender, too, at just over a foot long and 1 inch wide, so it won’t be a bulky eyesore. Plus, it’s available in stylish colors like black, gold, rose gold, gray, and silver to fit any style. And it starts at just $11, depending on the color you choose. 

To buy: Dr. Catch Self-Adhering Paper Towel Holders $11 (originally $19) at amazon.com

It comes with a sticky adhesive on the back that holds sturdily to various flat surfaces, including underneath cabinets and on walls, according to various shoppers. However, the holder also includes screws to drill into the wall. 

The consensus? Many users adhere it with just the sticker provided. “I liked that there are holes for mounting via hardware if you choose, but as an apartment renter, the adhesive has kept it in place well without requiring drilling into my cabinets,” a reviewer wrote

To install with the adhesive backing, simply clean and dry the surface you’re sticking it on, remove the protective film from the sticker on the paper towel holder, and firmly press it onto the wall. Then let it stand for 24 hours before using to ensure durability. 

It is waterproof and rust-proof thanks to its stainless steel body, which is key for the kitchen, where you’ll likely grab for paper towels to dry wet hands or clean up any spills. 

From apartment dwellers, RV and camper users, to woodshop owners — almost 9,000 people rave over how easily and securely the paper towel holder attaches to surfaces. While some even place it on the kitchen wall or under  coffee tables, others put it under work desks, shelves, even the bathroom sink. It’s why the wall-mounted paper towel holder is the top Amazon bestseller to date.

Shoppers also note how ″sleek″ and stylish it is, too. “If you are a fan of farmhouse or industrial-style decor, this is an excellent addition to any kitchen,” a reviewer said, adding that the material also has some weight to it, making it feel high-quality. 

“This is the first paper towel holder I’ve owned that has such strong adhesion,” another reviewer said. “I liked it so much, I purchased one for my father as well!”

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