Modern farmhouse bathrooms – 8 ways to create a pared-back, elegant space to relax in

There are many routes to take when searching for modern farmhouse bathroom ideas, so it really depends what suits your home, taste and budget. From architect-designed spaces with a focus on natural materials to cottage-style bathrooms that radiate character, there’s sure to be a take on this timeless trend that appeals. ‘Clean lines and a minimalist approach are crucial to us when designing a modern farmhouse, ensuring that it’s intentional every time something catches the eye,’ say Homestedt’s Anna and Tom Roberts, who run their studio from the Catskills. ‘These moments should be few but fantastic; this is how we create a peaceful but atmospheric space.’

Much of Homestedt’s work involves injecting life into older properties that have been stripped back and remodeled over the years. ‘If we get the chance to redesign an old farmhouse, we search for any signs of character and hold onto it for dear life,’ Anna continues. ‘When that includes original features such as wood floors, beams, clawfoot tubs and ceramic sinks, our job is to keep the rest of the space calm and leave room for the hero pieces.’ If you’re working on an older home that’s devoid of original features, then Anna recommends using carpentry, millwork, wallpaper and paint colors to create a link with the period when the house was built. 

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