Designers Cringe Whenever They See These Things In Homes

Solution: These Bins For Storing Extra Accessories

There’s a fine balance between having an empty, plain home, versus one that’s too decorated. “Another big one [cringe], in my opinion, is over-accessorizing,” Ged tells Bustle. She continues, “Less is more here. Every countertop, shelf, and wall need not be filled with something. The eye needs to rest. Cramming too much into a space can be both visually and mentally overwhelming to guests.”

But if you aren’t sure where to put your extra decorations, these bins can help keep them hidden from sight. You can also incorporate them into your decor if you like, as they come in subtle colors, like black, beige, brown, and grey, as well as more vibrant shades, including red, green, pink, and more. Plus, each one collapses flat when you aren’t using it.

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