Can You Put a Poster in the Bathroom?

Paintings and posters are a form of artwork that gives a very personal feel to your surroundings. Art of any form can depict one’s preferences and create a window for others to peek at their true nature. Posters are no different.

You can place artwork anywhere in your home: a large painting on the living room wall, a frame on the bedside stand, or a small piece of paper stuck to the fridge.

But can you put a poster in the bathroom? There’s no reason not to. Many people express utmost relaxation while showering or taking a bath. Having something you like to look at will only make the experience better.

But you must remember certain details when choosing a poster for your bathroom. Wyatt9 provides many aesthetically on point posters that would be a great addition to your bathroom décor.

The Dos and Don’ts for Putting Up a Bathroom Poster

You must take care of a few factors when selecting a bathroom poster. Follow these suggestions and enjoy your personal time with a pleasing poster!

Select the Right Kind of Poster


Picking a poster that is not too expensive is key. There is a high chance that a poster put up in your bathroom may get ruined. We will explore that in a bit too. The point is, value your money, and do not put a priceless work of art in your bathroom.


The material of your poster is the most important element determining the poster’s lifespan. Putting up paper-based posters is a big no. Moisture tends to seep through regular poster frames, which will deteriorate the artwork’s condition and make it moldy.

The same applies to wooden frames. Since wood is the raw material for paper, it faces similar changes from moisture and can ruin your poster. If you must use a paper poster, pick copies or cheap options.

Canvas usually survives better in bathrooms since it normally comes with a coating to fend off moisture. 

Use metal frames for your posters, aluminum in particular. The issue with wooden frames has already been identified. Aluminum frames are specifically a better option as they will not rust like other metal ones.


Maintaining thorough bathroom ventilation is a must to sustain your favorite poster for a long time. As mentioned, moisture will damage both the poster and its frame over time. Proper ventilation of your bathroom will reduce moisture in the air. Here are a few things you should do.

  • Keep the exhaust fan and/or window open while showering or taking a bath, depending on whatever you have. This will allow a lot of moisture to escape the bathroom.
  • Always keep your bathroom door slightly ajar. This will also ensure a constant decrease in moisture from the bathroom.

Can You Put A Poster In The Bathroom? Now Answered!

Conclusively, yes, you can put up your favorite poster in your bathroom. Just make sure to follow these details while you do so. Explore these quality options if you are interested in bathroom prints but cannot decide what to choose!

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