5 Tips For Perfectly Hanging Decorative Plates

There are many ways to hang your decorative plates, but some common ones are plate hangers and adhesive discs. Plate hangers attach to your plate, and then the plate gets hung on the wall by a hook. They are dependable, won’t damage the plate, and make it easy to bring down the plates if you plan to keep using them. However, you will have to go for another method if you would like to avoid holes in your wall. If you’re using wire hangers, Home Depot recommends the ones with springs for a firm grip and coated edges, so the plate doesn’t get damaged.

Adhesive discs are glue products that you can use to fix plates to the wall without needing anything else. You have to activate the glue with water, apply it to the back of the plate, and let it dry fully before putting the plate up. It is a straightforward process and makes the attachment of your decorative plates look simple. Something to note about this method is that it doesn’t work well if your plates aren’t completely flat at the back, and it will be inconvenient to bring down the plates (via Driven by Decor). There are also some more homemade hanging methods, such as metal hanging rings, rope and tape, large paper clips, and safety pins, per Balcony Decoration.

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