20 Inspiring Grey Living Rooms That Are Beyond Chic

If you want to give your living room a makeover and are looking for inspiring ideas to kickstart your decorating journey, then you should consider what color will best bring out the style and mood you want to achieve. While the way that you react to certain colors has a lot to do with your particular taste and background, according to Verywell Mind, grey is a color that attracts those who prefer understated things.

At the same time, there’s another reason why plenty of people adore this particular shade. Laura McGarity, an interior designer who is also an assistant professor of interior design at the University of Louisville, told NBC News’ Better by Today, “[Grey is] almost like a chameleon. You can make it do a lot of things and people liked that.”

Indeed, grey can capture everything from a warmer vibe on the traditional and elegant side to an equally alluring cool atmosphere that is contemporary and industrial. Grey is also a shade that can be a bold visual detail or blend into the overall look of a room. On top of that, it can stand alone or be paired with other fabulous colors. Of course, there are quite a few shades of grey, and each can offer you something a little different and even more ways to use them. For inspiration, check out these inspiring grey living rooms that are beyond chic.

1. Grey with wood and copper

This contemporary living room uses various details to add pizzazz to the otherwise cool space. Along with a light wood cabinet and slightly darker wood legs on the grey sofa, there are also sparks of copper details thanks to the table and the light fixture. Beyond that, the art uses the same fabulous tones.

2. Cool grey with warm details

You’ll surely love the dark grey paint color in this living room with the warm light wood used for the floors, wall accents, and table legs. As for the sofa, it’s a grey shade that’s slightly lighter than the paint, while the pillows match the wood.

3. Rosy grey living room

When you think of the color grey, you might imagine blue tones or hints of white. However, the grey used in this living room has a distinctive rosy hue. That’s paired with wood accents and a plush sofa in a cool shade of grey.

4. Grey and white living room

Let grey stand out by using it alongside white. This living room uses a grey wall and sofa in a similar shade with curtains, floor, and decor that are all white. To blend the two, the mismatched throw pillows use white and varying shades of grey.

5. Grey room brightened by lighting

The glossy floor and reflective chrome furniture legs aren’t the only things in this living room that make it shine. The stunning grey hues used along with plenty of light sources — that is, the wide window, sizable ceiling fixture, the standing lamp, and the glowing wall backlight — truly bring it to life.

6. Grey desert-inspired living room

You may see deserts in a new way after checking out this chic living room. Using sandy grey tones and aesthetically appropriate decor like wood bowls, wild branches, and even a large cactus, they’re anchored by a sofa, side curtains, floor, and wall that are all in the same range of grey.

7. Elegantly modern grey living room

This living room boasts a fair share of elegant touches, which you can see in the side table, traditional sofa, and wall accents. It also features plenty of modern twists thanks to the bubble-like light fixture, sleek paired coffee tables, and colorful pillows, which all look amazing with the soft and sophisticated grey paint.

8. Grey room with pink hints

You can also use grey as the base for a living room, like in this stunning example with soft and romantic touches. By opting for a smooth grey color for your walls, sofa, and rug (or carpet), you can add hints of pink with the pillows, chairs, and curtains.

9. Grey room with stone-textured walls

The light grey sofa and blue-toned grey chairs are enough to make this living room an enviable space. However, the textured wall, which mimics a lovely natural stone, might make this the kind of space you aim to have in your own home.

10. Grey loft-like living room

There’s no doubt that living in a loft is cool, and this space is even cooler thanks to the chic grey wall. With both the window panes and radiators painted in the same dark color, the space is brightened by the smoky white wood floors that match the sofa.

11. Velvety dark grey living room

This living room is smooth in more ways than one. The wall is a shade of charcoal grey that’s so dark it almost looks black in the shadows, while the floor has the look of wood grain but is also a deep grey. Of course, the dark grey velvet sofa tops off the entire vibe.

12. Grey contemporary Scandinavian living room

Anyone attracted to the Scandinavian style will likely be intrigued by this contemporary take on the trendy aesthetic. The clean, minimalistic set-up that features comfy yet classy grey furniture and light grey walls (the upper section of the walls, at least) includes just the right amount of artistic details and creative decor.

13. Grey cement wall

Cement walls — or walls that have been painted grey with a distinct cement-like look or texture — can be an eye-catching way to add a modern, industrial, or even just unusual vibe to the living room in your home. If you want to soften the space, try a cozy grey sofa and warm grey rug.

14. Dark grey with rich wood

Let yourself be inspired by this living room and match a rich dark grey wall paint color with a wood floor that’s just as dark and rich. Add equally bold furniture so it isn’t lost in the space. The same goes for art — in this case, it adds a pop of color.

15. Contemporary grey and yellow room

When you consider adding yellow to your space, you might also envision using other bright colors such as blue, purple, or green to pair it with. However, you should think about using grey. Pairing a soft yellow with a light grey yields a beautiful result that’s both cheerful and chic.

16. Modern room with vintage accents

While a sleek grey color can give your living room a contemporary look when used for the walls, furniture, or curtains, you can also add a retro vibe to the space with a range of vintage pieces. Consider an older shelving unit, a delightfully dated light fixture, and art that offer mood-setting nostalgia.

17. Dark grey with striking plants

Bring a grey living room to life by adding plants. While one or two would be lovely, a dark grey room can look simply stunning when bursting with greenery. Beyond that, consider flowering plants that will look incredible against a grey background.

18. Grey room with paneled walls

The modern grey and brown furniture in this living room are reasons to adore the stylish space. At the same time, it’s understandable if your eyes were immediately drawn right past the furniture to the gorgeous grey wall that boasts both marble-like painted sections and slightly textured panels.

19. Grey room with stone-like decor

There’s a lot to take in when it comes to this chic living room that uses various shades of light grey. Along with the subtle marble-like wall and large rug that warms the cement floor, the spacious yet flat sofa is just as fabulous as the table, lamp, and bar, which all feature grey stone.

20. Grey with bold accent wall

If subtlety isn’t your style, then you can use chic grey shades as the base for a fearlessly fashionable living room design. Use a darker cool grey and a lighter smoky (or ivory) shade of grey along with a bold accent wall in a bright color like an unmissable radiant red.

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