20 Amazon Products Your Small Bathroom Can Really Benefit From

When you need to use the toilet, shower, bathe your kids, put makeup on, fix your hair, brush your teeth, or wash your hands, the bathroom is where it all happens. But when you have a particularly tiny bathroom, it can be difficult to stock that space with everything you need to make it functional. Whether your bathroom is shared by the entire family or is a small powder room reserved for guests, these things for your small-space bathroom will help you get organized without taking up a ton of room.

When you have a small bathroom, it makes sense to shop for the bathroom you want within the limits of the bathroom you have. Maybe your dream bathroom is a place where you can relax and unwind after a long day, but you’re short on space, so you need things to make your bathroom work for you. Accessories like cute countertop organizers and wall-mount towel hooks can help you achieve your bathroom goals without crowding your small space.

Organizational bins that fit in tiny drawers, extra storage areas that hang on the wall, a folding step stool that you can store out of the way, and compact versions of bathroom necessities like trash cans are all ideal products for small-space bathrooms. When you have a place for everything and everything is in it’s place, you can transform your small-space bathroom from a crowded mess into a mini oasis.

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A drain cover to fill small bathtubs to the max

Pros: Multi-suction adhesion; top rack dishwasher-safe.

Cons: May not properly cover oversized overflow drains or those very close to the top of tub.

Small bathrooms — especially in an apartment — often contain small bathtubs that make it hard to get in a good soak. To fill your bathtub up as much as possible, the SlipX Solutions Bottomless Bath Overflow Drain Cover is a handy product for small-space bathrooms. Measuring 4 inches wide by 2 inches deep, this plastic bathroom accessory fits over most standard bathtub overflow drains to add inches more water depth to your tub. It comes in eight colors and adheres to the tub with 12 small suction cups for a secure fit.

Review: “I’ve been using this for over a year now, and it just came up in conversation so it reminded me to add a review. This thing is seriously worth its weight in gold. Our tub is kind of small to begin with, and with the overflow drain I could barely get the water over halfway. For the last year my family has been able to take actual adult baths and it’s been wonderful! The little suction cups snap into place easily and it comes off just as easily. It does get some water in it but it’s from the faucet splashing into the opening, the water level doesn’t change after the faucets are turned off. No discoloration or mildew, it still looks brand new!”


An organizer that you can hang anywhere

Pros: Hangs virtually anywhere; strong, reinforced pockets.

Cons: Fabric pockets may stretch out over time.

The MISSLO Hanging 5-Pocket Organizer is the perfect small bathroom product to hold all of your toiletries. The mesh design is quick-drying and each of the 5 reinforced pockets offer plenty of space and strength to hold bottles of lotion, body wash, hairspray, and other bathroom necessities. The top hook rotates a full 360 degrees, so you can hang it on a shower rod, a bathroom hook, a cabinet handle, or over the back of your bathroom door. It’s also a great bathroom storage solution to use while traveling as well.

Review: “I hung this on a command hook inside my rv shower and it worked perfectly. Cubbies for were good size for shampoos, toothpastes, toothbrushes, face wash and body wash, all the essentials. Some full size and some travel size but it was easy to use and dried quickly. Great purchase for my tiny shower that has no shelves or ledges to hold stuff.”


This compact trash bin that comes in a ton of colors

Pros: Compact, space-saving design; available in multiple colors.

Cons: Plastic may warp in some spots over time.

Since even the smallest bathrooms still need a spot to throw things away, the mDesign Small Plastic Trash Can is one of the best buys for small-space bathrooms. This wastebasket has a 1.5-gallon capacity and stands 10 inches tall with a rectangular base that measures 5 inches wide by nearly 11 inches long. The slim design makes it easy to stash in small spaces near toilets or tubs, or even inside of a cabinet. It comes in 30 colors and is made from sturdy plastic that is easy to clean.

Review: “We’ve been using these for about a month now and they are sturdy little waste baskets. The fit well in the tight spaces in our bathrooms and are big enough so they don’t require constant emptying. We use small waste bag inserts, so we haven’t really had to clean them, but the baskets are made of hard, slick plastic, so I’m guessing cleaning will be pretty easy. Great little find for the new apartment.”


Bins to organize your small-space bathroom drawers & cabinets

Pros: Made from clear acrylic plastic for a sleek look.

Cons: Loose makeup and other debris can build up in the bottom ridges.

If you’re the type of person who likes to have a place for everything and everything in it’s place, this 10-pack of Backerysupply Clear Plastic Organizer Trays are a great way to keep the drawers and cabinets of your small-space bathroom nice and neat. The set comes with 2 12-inch by 3-inch rectangular trays, 4 9-inch by 3-inch rectangular trays, and 4 3-inch by 3-inch square trays that you can mix and match as needed.

Review: “I liked everything about these bins. I appreciated the variety of sizes and how they perfectly fit into the drawers of our bathroom vanity. They’re sturdy and well made (not at all flimsy or cheaply made). So pleased with these!”


This hanging laundry hamper that saves your floor space

Pros: Made from durable, waterproof fabric that’s machine washable.

Cons: Over-the-door hooks may damage door fames.

Instead of taking up valuable floor space with a laundry basket, use this KEEPJOY Door-Hanging Laundry Hamper to keep your small-space bathroom tidy. The 35-inch by 22-inch polyester bag hangs on two included hooks that fit over most standard bathroom or closet doors, and 2 additional hooks can also be attached to the wall with included adhesive strips if desired. The bottom of the bag has a zipper opening so that you can easily empty the hamper on laundry day and a small pocket on the front to store delicates. The bag itself is also machine washable for easy cleaning.

Review: “I have a tiny apartment and I looove saving space where I can (I have to!). I always had a laundry basket on the floor that took up space and looked tacky. I wanted to free up floor space and make it more convenient to put laundry away… I came across this! I now have it hanging it off my closet door and no more laundry basket taking up space! I got the XL bag because I also don’t have a washer and dryer so I wait a while to go to the laundromat. The bag can hold a sizeable amount of clothes (about a week and half worths for me which consists of a couple of leggings, sweatshirts, some tshirts, socks, towels or two with dish rags which the outside pocket is nice for). It’s worth the buy if you’re looking to save space! Plus, when it’s time to do laundry the zipper at the bottom of the bag comes undone for easy dumping.”


A cute towel rack with space to hang 5 things

Pros: Easy to hang and small enough to put on the back of a door.

Cons: Not much space between each hook.

When you need a place to hang your towels, robes, or anything wet that needs to dry, the KIBAGA Wall Mount Towel Rack is a cute choice for a small-space bathroom. Made from black cast iron metal that’s rust- and water-proof, the rack measures nearly 12-inches long and can be easily and quickly wall-mounted with the included hardware. The five hooks have a sleek design and the word “towels” in script across the top is a cute way to jazz up your small-space bathroom without taking up too much room.

Review: “We have very small bathrooms that we just remodeled. The only place to put a towel rack is above the baseboard heater. We removed those and put these on the back of the doors. They were perfect and we have three large bath towels hanging on one very sturdy.”


A folding step stool that’s lightweight, but sturdy

Pros: Folds flat for easy storage when not in use.

Cons: Some reviews mention that the stool can collapse if not completely locked into place.

Perfect for little ones who need a stool for potty-training or hand-washing (or short adults who need to reach things on high shelves) the Handy Laundry Folding Step Stool is a great product for small-space bathrooms. Easy to open and close, this stool folds flat for easy storage when not in use. Though lightweight at just over 2 pounds, this folding stool has a 300-pound capacity limit. The top is textured and each foot features an anti-skid pad on the bottom. Made from sturdy plastic, it comes in black, pink, and white.

Review: “These aren’t just for kids – I now own 3 of these, placed all over the house, for myself and my son. Yes, the one in the bathroom is so my son can brush his teeth at the counter. He knows how to take it out, unfold it all the way without catching his fingers, and when he’s done he folds it back up and puts it away (he’s 2 1/2). But I also use these so I can reach the higher shelf in my closet and in our pantry. They’re small, and can easily be tucked away, and are just so nice when you want to grab something quick and don’t feel like pulling the step ladder from the garage. Highly recommend!”


A compact toilet brush and holder that can be wall-mounted

Pros: Flat silicone brush head takes up less space and cleans bowls easily.

Cons: Adhesive sticker may damage walls when removed.

To make cleaning your small-space bathroom easier, the Sellemer Toilet Brush and Holder Set has a space-saving design that’s both compact and effective. The flat brush head has silicone bristles that fits snugly into a ventilated base to drain excess water after use. The entire setup can be stored on the floor or mounted onto the wall with the included adhesive sticker.

Review: “This thing is awesome! Super affective and doesn’t splash or spray nasty water while you’re scrubbing. The design also allows you to hide it out of view, as it is slim and sticks to the wall behind/beside the toilet. So there’s nothing nasty sitting on the tile, and guests have yet to even notice it. We love it!”


This multi-outlet port for all of your styling tools

Pros: 9-in-1 design with a surge protector and night light built-in.

Cons: It’s a bit bulky.

Plug the POWLIGHT Outlet Extender & Night Light into any standard outlet to give your small-space bathroom extra spots to plug in all of your hair styling tools, electric razors, phone chargers, and more. Each outlet extender features 5 AC outlets, 3 USB ports, and 1 USB-C port with a built-in surge protector. At the bottom of the device is a smart night light that automatically turns on when the room it’s in goes dark, making it a great addition if you like to use nightlights in your bathroom.

Review: “We purchased it mostly for the built in night light then found that the position of the outlets was just as important. We are using it in a bathroom where there are several hair care products and a clock plugged in. The outlets on the side help keep the wires out of the way.”


A wall mount organizer for your styling tools

Pros: Holds tools that are still hot; easy to install.

Cons: Some larger hairdryers may not fit well.

The mDesign Metal Styling Tool Organizer mounts to your wall and can be used to store hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, brushes, and more. Instead of taking up precious counter room in your small-space bathroom to let your heated hair styling tools cool down, use this metal rack made from alloy steel that is heat-safe. The rack itself measures approximately 13.5 inches long, 7.4 inches tall, and 4 inches wide.

Review: “This was a 5 minute way to organize and clean up the bathroom! It’s sturdy and fits my hair dryer, flat iron and hot brush. I keep attachments to the various dryers in the little basket. Great buy and a step forward in my never ending home organization project.”


Sliding multi-tiered baskets to organize small cabinets

Pros: Modular and stackable with moveable inserts for organization.

Cons: Lightweight design can make sliding the drawers out difficult.

Not all bathroom organizer systems are made in a way that work for tiny cabinets, but the Madesmart 2-Tier Organizer has a space-saving design that’s perfect for small spaces. Each bin includes dividers that can be moved to create a custom space for whatever you need to store in your cabinet. Measuring just over 14 inches tall with drawers that are 11 inches long by 5 inches wide, this 2-tiered drawer design also works well on countertops if you’re short on cabinet space.

Review: “We recently transitioned from a large home with lots of storage to a very small space with very little storage. These are perfect for the single cabinet I have under the sinks in my bathrooms. The spacers make it easy to separate toothbrushes etc from other things you don’t want to store right next to each other. My only complaint is that they are very light weight so if you don’t have them full with weight in them, you have to hold the base in order to slide the “drawers” out, otherwise the entire thing comes at you at once.”


A toothpaste dispenser and organizer that hangs on the wall

Pros: Easy to install; designated spots to organize all countertop essentials.

Cons: May not adhere well to textured walls.

Short on counter space, but have some room to spare on a wall? The iHave Wall Mount Toothbrush Holder is a great small bathroom product to keep your toothbrushes, toothpaste, and rinse cups organized. The automatic toothpaste dispenser has an intuitive design that keeps your countertops mess-free, while the slots for additional bathroom necessities keep your space nice and neat. There’s even a small cosmetic drawer. Though this particular model only has two rinse cups included, you can purchase a larger model with three or four cups as well.

Review: “I’m very happy with my purchase. I wanted this to clear up some counter space on our sink. It arrived quickly, and was super easy to hang up. The adhesive is actually super strong which surprised me. I thought we’d have to drill into it for sure, just for extra support, but we didn’t even need to do that. I love how it looks and how functional it is. I love the cups that it comes with. They are magnetic on the bottom and that’s how they hang up. The drawers are great for things like floss, extra toothpaste, etc. I’m 110% satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend this product. If you’re considering buying this but aren’t sure about it, just do it. You won’t regret it!”


A space-saving over-the-toilet storage shelf

Pros: Space-saving design includes a spot for your toilet paper roll.

Cons: May wobble despite use of adhesive anchors.

The Apsan Bathroom Over-The-Toilet Storage Shelf is one thing for your small-space bathroom that can serve a dual purpose. Not only can you stash your toilet paper roll on the holder at the end of this rack, but you can use its top shelf to store extra rolls or bulkier items like a tissue box, lotion bottles, and more. If you don’t have flush buttons on the top of your toilet tank, there’s room to slide a tray underneath to store small items like hair ties or other accessories. The powder-coated black metal rack attaches to most standard toilet tanks via two included adhesive anchors to keep it in place.

Review: “Perfect for small bathroom! My daughter has minimal storage and this was the perfect addition to help her organize her bathroom essentials! If you have a small bathroom you need this!”


A pretty countertop organizer with space for everything

Pros: Easy to clean; has drainage holes; anti-slide padding on bottom.

Cons: Some reviewers said the marble design looked “dirty” on the white background.

Use the Vitviti Bathroom Counter Organizer to keep everything that’s scattered across your small-space bathroom’s countertop nice and neat. At just over 8 inches long and nearly 4 inches wide, it’s great for small bathroom counters. Though it’s pictured with toothbrushes and toothpaste, you can really store anything you want in the organizer’s 5 slots. Made from resin, this freestanding holder is waterproof, durable, and easy to clean with 6 slot holes on the bottom for drainage. There are also 4 anti-slip foot pads on the bottom of the organizer to keep it from sliding around. This marble-look design is also available in black.

Review: “Just received this on Saturday and I love it. It is very sturdy and well made & has a little weight to it, but, not too much. The bottom has holes for drainage and easy cleaning. The colors are nice and contemporary looking and the compartments are strategically placed. They are the perfect size for Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, & Razors. We put Q-Tips and Dental Floss Tips in the two smaller compartments in the front and it looks great! We have a small bathroom and this allowed us to free up our counter space. Great Product and Well Worth the Money.”


An under-the-sink shelf to organize your cleaning supplies

Pros: Easy and quick to assemble; adjustable height.

Cons: Some reviewers note that this shelf can be a bit unsteady.

The Spicy Shelf Expandable Under Sink Organizer fits in the cabinet underneath your bathroom sink, but is designed to go around the pipes, so there’s no wasted space. Made from heavy-duty plastic material, the shelf’s height, width, and depth can all be easily adjusted to fit underneath and around most bathroom sink plumbing setups. The shelf is made to hold up to 40 pounds, so it’s great for heavy bottles of cleaning supplies, extra shampoo and conditioner, or other bulky items.

Review: “This is a shelf. It’s hidden under the sink most of the time. But I am impressed by the design. the height is adjustable, and width of the shelf is adjustable, and the arms are adjustable! Easy to assemble. Took me longer to rearrange my cabinet than assemble it. Get this!”


A spinning countertop cosmetic organizer

Pros: Rotates a full 360 degrees; includes adjustable trays.

Cons: Light items may fall out of top trays if spun too fast.

The Sanipoe Spinning Makeup Organizer is a must for small-space bathrooms when you want to be able to easily access all of your beauty products at any given time. Made from clear, acrylic plastic with 7 layers of adjustable trays, this organizer rotates a full 360 degrees, and is easy to assemble or change positioning of the trays. At nearly 13 inches tall, it does take up a lot of vertical space, so it may not work well in small bathroom cabinets, but it’s ideal to use as a countertop organizer.

Review: “I’m amazed at how much stuff this holds! I had a plastic three-tier drawer system in my bathroom cupboard that was taking up too much room, and it was annoying having to dig through the drawers for my skincare products. I replaced the plastic drawer system with this and it’s SO much better. It held everything I had in the drawers, and then some. Now I can actually access all my skincare without rummaging through drawers. Will likely be buying more of these for other storage solutions throughout the house!”


A plunger & toilet brush in a slim storage caddy

Pros: Compact 2-in-1 design; multiple color options.

Cons: Some reviews note that the soft rubber plunger has a weak suction.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to keep a plunger and toilet brush handy at all times, the mDesign Slim Freestanding Bowl Brush & Plunger Combo Set is a great product for small bathrooms. The 2-in-1 design allows you to store both items hidden away from view, in a compact holder that traps excess water, and can be tucked away neatly near your toilet. The holder and handles are made from durable BPA-free plastic and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Choose from bronze, black, charcoal grey, cream, grey, navy, silver, or white to suit your small-space bathroom’s decor.

Review: “Nice and compact. Plunger holder compartment is open on the back to allow for easy cleaning and evaporation of any excess liquid post plunging. Matched our bathroom’s oil rubbed bronzes.”


This dispenser that keeps your shower clutter-free

Pros: Can be affixed to shower wall flat or in a corner.

Cons: Pumps must be primed before use.

If you have a small shower in your small bathroom, there may not be room in there to store all of your bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. The Better Living 3-Chamber Shower Soap Dispenser solves that problem for small-space bathrooms. It adheres to your shower wall and dispenses up to 3 soaps of your choosing with the press of a button. Each chamber holds approximately 12 ounces of liquid soap.

Review: “Would definitely recommend this for small spaces. My shower is very small therefore I wanted this piece in order to give me more space in my own shower and it turned out to be extremely convenient and very easy to use. I thought I was going to need to install this in a complicated manner but that wasn’t the case at all it was very easy to stick onto the wall with the adhesive pads they came with. You’re supposed to break in the buttons before placing anything inside of the containers but I didn’t do that because I’m not very good at reading directions but I wish I had because it would have been much easier than placing it on the wall and then breaking in the buttons but it all worked out and it looks lovely.”


A toilet paper holder that stores extra rolls

Pros: Easy to assemble; provides extra storage space.

Cons: Cannot fit oversized toilet paper rolls inside.

Finding a spot to store extra toilet paper can be difficult in small bathrooms. Not only does the AOJEZOR Toilet Paper Organizer Cabinet have plenty of room to stash extra toilet paper or other bathroom supplies, it has a top slot that holds the roll you’re currently using. This model stands 31.5 inches tall, is 6.7 inches deep, 5.9 inches wide, and is made from white polyvinyl that’s waterproof. So, even though it looks like a skinny wooden cabinet, it won’t warp in the damp environment of your bathroom.

Review: “Was very easy to put together. About 5-8 minutes total time. All of the pieces simply snap into place and then the screws are added to make it more stable with a firm feeling. Great for having in a small bathroom with no storage for extra TP and cleaning supplies.”


A toilet seat with a toddler potty seat built-in

Pros: Easy installation, easy to clean, space-saving design.

Cons: Toilet seat may not be comfortable for some larger adults.

If you’re potty training or have toddlers who are using your small-space bathroom, the Mayfair NextStep2 Toilet Seat is the space-saver you need. It’s a standard toilet seat that has a built-in potty training seat, so you don’t have to find a spot to store a potty seat for toddlers in your small bathroom. It’s easy to clean and has a slow-to-close design to prevent slamming. You can also purchase the same seat in various sizes to fit your particular toilet.

Review: “We have a small bathroom and the removable potty seat was just not working for us. We had the hook and everything and it was just an eyesore! After looking up a bunch of reviews I landed on this toilet seat and I’m so glad that we got it. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old and I know I’ll be using this potty seat for them for the next few years. I installed it myself and it was extremely easy to do.”

Bathrooms are a necessary part of the home that are usually used many times a day by everyone in your household. Make sure that even your smallest bathroom is fully-stocked with everything you and your family needs when you invest in these bathroom products for small spaces.

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