Top 3 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Feel More Warm And Cozy

Lastly, a great way to make your bathroom cozier is by using decorative shelves. Jordécor recommends using floating shelves because they won’t take up floor space and could easily be DIY’d. Typically, these are installed above the toilet. You could also add freestanding shelves to your bathroom space. When choosing shelves, keep the width of your wall and the depth of your décor items in mind.

Items like small baskets, candles, jars, towels, books, perfume bottles, plants, soaps, and small art pieces are usually placed on these shelves. If you’re using real plants, be sure to choose species that love humid climates. To decorate with these pieces, start by arranging the largest items first, then fill in gaps with the smaller items. The DIY Playbook focuses on decorating bathroom shelves with mostly organizational items, like baskets to hold toilet paper or jars to hold hair accessories or cotton balls.

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