These Stylish and Practical Bath Mats Are a Great — and Affordable — Way to Upgrade Your Bathroom

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A bath mat should be absorbent, prevent slips and slides, feel great underfoot—and look fabulous, of course. That’s quite a tall order for a relatively inexpensive accessory. But accents in decor are important—particularly for tiny spaces—because they’re the finishing touches that can make a room feel pulled together. No detail is too small, whether it’s a trash can, shower caddy, or an over-the-toilet storage cabinet.

Yet while searching for the perfect bath mat is time well spent, it’s a task that can seem straightforward at the onset and quickly turn into endless scrolling. There are cotton bath mats and wooden ones in teak or bamboo, along with plastic or microfiber mats, all of which come in endless colors, finishes, and sizes. That’s why we did the work for you, and gathered some of the best options out there for your consideration. Read on for our top picks, plus some pre-shopping tips to mull over before buying.

The Best Bath Mats

What to Consider

The perfect bath mat for a family of five with a huge bathroom is going to be quite different than the ideal option for someone living solo in a small apartment. The first thing to nail down is the bath mat’s size and shape. There’s no hard and fast rule for dimensions relative to your space, and some people even opt for multiple mats in different areas of the bathroom. Another factor that may determine size is how much coverage you need for safety, if there are young kids or older folks using the bathroom. In general, it’s better to err on the side of one that’s slightly larger than the reverse, so it doesn’t look like a postage stamp on your floor.

Beyond that, much of your decision will be based on personal preference. Bath mats come in a wide range colors and materials, including mircofiber, chenille, bamboo, and plastic mats with suction cups. Most—but not all—fabric bath mats have a non-slip backing, which is no guarantee of safety, but if slipping is a big concern, make sure you select one with that added layer of security.

How We Selected

We surveyed the market, reviewed hundreds of bath mats, consulted professional reviews and read through thousands of customer reviews. From there, we selected the most highly rated, practical, and attractive bath mats in a range of shapes, materials, and sizes. We prioritized functionality, design, and value while making our choices, and sought out machine-washable options. We also feature bath mats across a range of price points, and every option featured below has an average customer rating of 4 stars or more.

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Best Overall

Microfiber Bath Mat

Key Specs

Dimensions (L x W) 17 x 24 inches
Thickness 1.2 inches
Material Polyester, PVC
Options 4 sizes; 11 colors

Best Bamboo

Bamboo Bath Mat

Key Specs

Dimensions (L x W) 16 x 24 inches
Thickness <1 inch
Material Bamboo, rubber
Options 1 size/color

Best Classic Style

Bath Mat

Key Specs

Dimensions (L x W) 16 x 24 inches
Thickness Not listed
Material Microfiber, rubber
Options 5 sizes; 8 colors

Best Ultra-Plush

Chenille Bath Mat

Key Specs

Dimensions (L x W) 24 x 36 inches
Thickness Not listed
Material Chenille
Options 7 sizes; 24 colors

Best Non-Slip

Shower and Bath Mat

Key Specs

Dimensions (L x W) 16 x 35
Thickness Not listed
Material Rubber
Options 1 size; 22 colors

Best Memory Foam

Memory Foam Bath Mat

Key Specs

Dimensions (L x W) 20 x 32
Thickness 1 inch
Material Microfiber, polyurethane foam
Options 8 sizes; 24 colors

Best Teak

Teak Bath Mat

Key Specs

Dimensions (L x W) 36 x 20 inches
Thickness Not listed
Material Solid teak
Options 1 size/color

Best Oval

Reversible Bath Mat

Key Specs

Dimensions (L x W) 17 x 24 inches
Thickness 0.3 inches
Material Cotton
Options 5 sizes; 7 colors

Best Color Selection

Bath Mat

Key Specs

Dimensions (L x W) 20 x 30 inches
Thickness Not listed
Material Chenille
Options 11 sizes; 44 colors

Best Organic Cotton

Organic Loop Bath Mat

Key Specs

Dimensions (L x W) 17 x 24
Thickness Not listed
Material Certified organic cotton
Options 4 sizes; 8 colors

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