Ideas To Create The Perfect Vintage Bathroom

The color palette you’ll pick for the bathroom will set the scene for every other detail you’ll include in it later. Hence, you must be extra careful with the foundation and the secondary or accent hues. And though you have a broad selection to consider, some tones are just more vintage-looking than others.

Above all, your color palette should remind you of the vintage design at first sight. According to Benjamin Moore, it’s best to use a pop of rich, dynamic colors that align with nostalgic, time-faded shades.

Start by painting walls with a neutral tone to create a quiet backdrop. Consider ivory, baby pink, mint, or any shade you want to accent and keep the thread running through the bathroom. Then, you can add a stroke of bold color to create an artfully cluttered bathroom. Similarly, you can use a solid hue, such as cobalt blue, sunflower yellow, or tomato orange, on a statement piece.

Finally, build the rest of the palette around the selected tonal shades. Noupe recommends recreating movements from the 50s or the 60s if you pursue an authentic retro look. Remember to avoid bright vintage and stick to knocked-back hues to achieve an authentic feel.

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