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How to move and destroy buildings, structures, and decorations in Cult of the Lamb

A good leader is always right, but a great leader knows when to admit that they’ve made a mistake. In Cult of the Lamb, a Devolver Digital title developed by Massive Monster, you as a possessed lamb are granted the power to start your own cult, and tasked with the responsibility of keeping the cult happy and healthy while fighting the forces of the Old Faith.

As part of your duties as cult leader, you will need to gather the resources needed to raise various structures and buildings that your cult will need. This will include altars, beds, farming plots, shrines, decorations, bathrooms, cooking stations, and much more.

You’ll have plenty of space on your land to place buildings when you first start, but if you want to tear it all down and start over, you can do that. Here’s how.

How to move and destroy buildings, structures, and decorations in Cult of the Lamb

Any building, structure, or decoration that you build can be destroyed or moved on your cult’s land, with the exception of the central shrine and the building station itself.

To do so, go to the building station where you would craft new buildings or amenities, and select “Edit Buildings.” This will open up an editing display, where you can select, move, or destroy any structure apart from the ones mentioned above. The only other exceptions would be buildings like the altar, which you can move but you cannot destroy.

To move, select the structure and move it to any part of the area where it can fit. If the squares below the structure are red, something is blocking the structure that you’ll have to remove before you can place something there. Certain structures like the farmer station have to be within the range of the farm plots for a follower to maintain them.

Destroying structures does not refund any of the materials used to construct them, so only do so if you’re planning on redecorating.

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