How To Decorate Your Room Like Rose's Quarters In Titanic

A key feature in Rose’s room aboard the ship was the window dressings. Floral drapes with matching valances were favored, as seen in the image above. Get the look by decorating with heavy drapes. They are charming decorations, especially when layered in bedrooms and living rooms. You could always stick to a solid color as it will last longer and transition with any future decorative preferences, per Crate & Barrel. Choose a color that complements your interior hues and focus on the fabric style. Cotton, linen, or velvet are possibilities for window coverings that will help reproduce the swanky vibe.

You can control light, warmth, and privacy in any room by decorating with a pair of window drapes over any window in the house. The heavier, the better. Velvet drapes will create an ambiance of smooth luxury in your interior, just like Rose’s quarters in “Titanic.” These curtains from West Elm are ideal for recreating the look. The density, soft-to-the-touch feel, and appearance will help transform your space from dull to luxurious. The style of drapery you choose will affect the overall mood and enhance the environment, so choose one that will impress every class on board.

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