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How To Decorate Your Home Like Your Favorite American Girl Doll

Similar to Josefina, you’ve got a gentle soul, music makes your heart sing, and you have a soft spot for florals. There’s nothing you love more than being surrounded by flowers and collecting an assortment of vases, ceramics, and pottery vessels to arrange them in. (You also learned how to cook with them, no big deal.) After you finished deep cleaning every inch of your apartment when the world shut down and lockdown began, you started an account on Instagram to document your blossoming skills. Now, you’re running your own florist business. Family is extremely important to you and that’s a big part of your decor personality type, meaning that you proudly incorporate pieces of them into your home. Whether it’s an heirloom that has been passed down through the generations, postcards and pictures on the refrigerator, or a memory box safely concealed in your nightstand, family is always on your mind. — SG

Berea College Whisk Broom Multicolor

Areaware Tall Stacking Planter

Sophie Lou Jacobsen Yellow Wave Pitcher

Casa Veronica Alebrije Candleholder in Jaguar

Pillow Case in Love Me Tender

Samantha (1904): Victorian Chic

Everybody in the AG universe knows that Samantha Parkington is bougie A.F. living with her wealthy grandmother in Mount Bedford, New York, during the Victorian era. You know you’re channeling Samantha’s divine energy if your home has a gallery wall with framed portraits, prints, and other precious items that you found in a bin at Anthropologie. “She loves to keep little letters and mementos from her friends throughout her life and display those in a prominent way,” says Lydia. “That’s a really important feature of her, because she likes to cherish things.” Like Samantha, you’re unapologetically girly, so your color palette would involve shades of pink with brass accents and lace details—you really lean into the frills of femininity. You probably fancy the finer things in life while also enjoying activities like painting, reading, and catching butterflies. You also have a library full of first-edition books by authors like Jane Austen and Joan Didion because you have taste, but you’ve never opened them.

Your furnishings are expensive, but everything is vintage and you probably got it from a family member’s estate. (As Barrett describes it, the vibe is very “old money.”) You have moving services on speed dial for all your furniture deliveries and have never lifted a finger to rearrange anything. You shamelessly have a mirrored bar cart in the corner featuring glass decanters, champagne coupes covered with Gohar World doilies, and bottles of Veuve Clicquot. You’re so classy that instead of having a birthday cake you serve petit fours from Cakes4Sport. Ceramics were your pandemic hobby of choice which you turned into a profitable revenue stream, but decided to donate all the proceeds to charity because you’re generous like that. — SG

Brass Victorian Boot Paperweight/Vase

Kit (1932): Thrifty Lit Chick

Margaret Mildred Kittredge, better known by her nickname Kit, is the OG investigative journalist we all aspired to be. Like any good reporter, Kit is intrepid, resourceful, hardworking, and adventurous—you kind of have to be when growing up during, ahem, unprecedented times like the Great Depression. She’s constantly chasing adventure and stories about those impacted by the historical events happening around her (specifically the housing crisis), and enjoys clacking out her reports on her trusty typewriter. We imagine someone like Kit living in a loft that screams grandmillennial. “Her whole characteristic is like she’s kind of thriftier, but I also think she actually liked that stuff,” explains Barrett. “She would maybe be a little grandma not in a super chic way, but she would have a lot of florally things and vintage decoration.… She would probably have some cute, mismatched china plates and things like that.”

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