How To Decorate Your Bedroom If You're A Sagittarius

To make your bedroom a Sagittarius-inspired retreat, first consider some of the key elements natural to the sign. For example, each zodiac sign has an associated color — for Sagittarius, that color is purple, according to Colors Explained. They explain that purple is a creative, thought-provoking color that matches the Sagittarian spirit perfectly. It is also a calming color, which can help counteract the abundance of energy the fire sign may carry into rest.

Purple is also a very rare color in nature, which is why it used to be reserved for regal classes in society — purple dye was costly to produce before artificial pigments were introduced, explains Live Science. It is a majestic, unique color, perfect for the reflective and creative Sagittarius. There are various ways to include purple in your bedroom, including swapping out your bedding for a purple duvet, painting your walls purple, adding violets, lavender, or lilacs around the room, and more.

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