How To Decorate The Home With Polka Dots

Start simple when decorating with polka dots by adding some to your porch, as suggested by The Sits Girls. According to the bloggers, you can create polka dotted party lights with an uncomplicated DIY project. Grab ping pong or Styrofoam balls, battery-operated fairy lights, a knife, and oil-based pens. Take the knife to make holes in the ping pong balls and place the pointed part of the individually stringed lights inside each of the balls. Then, add a design to the ping pong balls by drawing colorful polka dots with the oil-based pens. Once the ink is dry, hang the lights around the porch area along an awning.

For those who’d like to create another outdoor décor, there are tons of other DIYs to try. For example, you can try crafting wooden monogram letters by going to a craft or hobby store with ready-made wooden letters (via The Crafty Blog Stalker). Use paint to cover the whole letter and use a contrasting color to paint polka dots on the letters. Choose letters that spell out a short word or the first letter of each family member’s name. You can also introduce a touch of polka dots by adding spotted planters to your porch. Find ceramic pots at a home or garden store and paint polka dots to display along porch ledges. Or, if you don’t want to craft, go the no-fuss route by buying polka dotted cushions to put on outdoor seated furniture for added comfort and relaxation.

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