How to Decorate a Coffee Table

Modern-day coffee tables are probably the most common item of furnishing and decor in a living room. So, it’s only fair to have some coffee table decor to go with this highly used furniture piece.

When it comes to coffee table styling or decorating your living space, there’s no particular theme or manner to go about it. It entirely depends on your personal style and the vibe you’re aiming to put together.

You can get innovative with your coffee table decor to complement the table’s natural elements. A glass coffee table, for instance, appears distinct because of that glass top. So, explore ideas that revolve around the glass, rather than just playing a cloth on the tabletop – that’d work better on a wooden table.

Depending on the look of your table, a certain look may suit it better. Certain decorations may only suit Four Hands Bryan Coffee Tables and look unpleasant on others.

Let’s explore a few styling ideas for your living room coffee table.

Coffee Table Decor

The living room is usually the most used living space in a house. Making it aesthetically pleasing for guests and yourself alike is a great idea.

You would typically place cups of coffee, a bowl of food, remote controls, or other everyday objects on your coffee table. Consider adding decorative items, personal objects, or other quirky things to the tabletop; make it match the feel of your own home.

If that seems too much effort, stacking books or placing fresh florals is a simple way to make the table look better.

Complementing the Living Room Vibe

A focal point of coffee table decor would be complementing what your living room looks like. A sharp, modern-looking coffee table with minimal styling will look out of place in an otherwise cozy living room. The oddness would remain the other way round too.

The coffee table decor you opt for should also settle well with the room’s color palette in general. If the color scheme in your room is soft, opt for subtle decorative objects, like woven trays, candles, or a small sculptural object.

If the room has a brighter vibe, fresh flowers will look well on the coffee table. If small space in the room is not a problem, you could even place faux plants nearby to add more style.

Being Innovative

Table décor is part of making your living room look good. Be open-handed when choosing a decorative object to place on your coffee table. Freely add decorative items that attract your visual interest because that may be the best way to decorate your coffee table uniquely.

Make it Interactive

Decorating a coffee table with usable objects is a good option. Your guests can, for instance, browse through a magazine, read a book or have a go at the Rubik’s Cube you placed for coffee table decor while seated on the sofa. Coffee table styling combined with things to do sounds great!

Decorating Coffee Tables: Exploring Ideas

Coffee table decor isn’t something you should carry out by the book. Feel free to explore ideas or check the internet for new themes and approaches. As long as you keep the basic ideas mentioned here in mind, you’re good to go!

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