Disney's Fall Decorations Are Back- With a Twist!

Boys and girls of every age, Magic Kingdom’s turned a new page! Come with us and you will see, this our park of Halloween! 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and no, we don’t mean Christmas. While the weather may not have cooled off yet, and we’re still sending kids back to school, Disney has officially declared it Spooky Season!!!!! 

As Magic Kingdom is preparing to launch its frightfully fantastic Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party in just a few days, the park has decked itself out in all of its autumn finest!  

Look at how pretty it is: 

Credit: News 13

The park looks like a pumpkin spice latte makes us feel! 

Magic Kingdom Halloween decorations

Credit: News 13

Have you ever noticed the pumpkins that adorn the tops of the buildings on Main Street? They’re not your typical Jack-o-Lanterns. Each one has a different face, and many are themed to the shop or restaurant they’re hovering above! (Eagle-eyed guests will even find a Jack-o-Lantern masquerading as a bathroom sign!) 

Magic Kingdom Halloween decorations

Credit: Disney

 The most exciting part of the fall decor this year are the extra special pumpkin wreaths. Normally, the lampposts sport wreaths with Mickey’s face carved into a pumpkin. These iconic wreaths scream, “Fall is here!!!!!!” This year though, Mickey has been replaced by an extra special wreath to celebrate Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary!

Fans will remember that last year, the Cinderella Carriage pumpkins were spotted around the hub near the castle when the Mickey wreaths dotted Main Street line as usual. This year, however, Mickey has been replaced entirely by the carriage pumpkins. 

Magic Kingdom decorations

Credit: Disney

We’ve got to say, we miss Mickey but these new wreaths are so elegant. They just make sense too. After all, Cinderella’s carriage did start out as a pumpkin. Hopefully both wreaths make a comeback next year. These are just too pretty to be a limited run item! 


While some may argue that early August is too soon for autumn decor, we are absolutely here for it!  We set our calendars by Disney time. The very first Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party begins in just two days. Once that happens, it’s officially Halloween to us! What do you think? Is it too soon for pumpkins? Do you love the new wreaths? Let us know in the comments!


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