Bear and Breakfast: How to Build Bathrooms to Get a Better Hygiene Score

After Hank invites people to his new motel off of the highway, he is immediately informed that he forgot to build bathrooms for his guests.

In Bear and Breakfast, players are Hank, a bear who is running hotels for humans in his woods. This bear might not be a person, but he is smart enough to put together some fabulous adventure spots for tourists. One of the most important things he’ll have to install in all his properties are bathrooms in this life simulation game.

Room Scoring in Bear and Breakfast

There are several rating scores that a room can have in the indie video game Bear and Breakfast. There are things like basic comfort and the number of decorations in each room, as well as a Hygiene Score. Hank’s first location, the shack in Timber Crossing, only has comfort and decoration scores, as all the visitors to the shack will have to use the outhouse.


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But the second location in this Animal Crossing-style simulation video game, which is a motel in the A24 south of Timber Crossing, will have to have separate bathrooms built into the motel itself.

How to Build a Bathroom in Bear and Breakfast

In order to build a bathroom, Hank will first have to clean up the Motel location, fix the roof, then construct a front desk. Then, players will need to build a bedroom; bare-bones bedrooms only need to be 4×3 squares and contain a bed; additional furnishings will help add to the comfort or decoration level of the space. Next, head to the front desk area and invite a person to come stay at the motel location.

After a guest is on the way, head back down to the talking shark. It will give Hank the recipes needed to build the worst possible bathroom space for his visitors.

Bathroom Recipes for the Motel

A great tip for beginners to Bear and Breakfast is that they should be collecting as many resources as possible; players might want to know ahead of time what it will cost to build the WC needed to keep guests happy.

  • Bathrooms must be 3×3 and have one door.
  • The basic 3×3 layout will cost players 135 coins.
  • There must be one bathroom for every two bedrooms.
  • In order for it to count as a bathroom, it will need three items: a toilet, a sink, and a shower.
  • The most basic of these items will be given to Hank by the talking shark.
  • The total recipes for each of these basic items will be: 5 copper plates, 3 plywood planks which can be found to the north near Bear and Breakfast‘s Beanie, 1 plastic board, and 1 rubber plate.

With these basic items, Hank will get a Hygiene Score of 9 in this relaxing simulation game. While he can pretty up the bathrooms and bedrooms with decorations, it will require replacing these basic items with new ones to get a higher hygiene score. Better bathroom recipes can be learned by completing main story quests or purchasing them from the Pawn Voyage vehicles.

Bear and Breakfast is available for PC and is coming soon to Switch.

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