4 Tips For Decorating The Arch In Your Living Room

You can also make an arch design functional by adding a shelf to it. If the arch is wide enough, a built-in shelf can be added to hold books and decorative objects. Custom shelves like ones added into an arch design can help optimize space by adding storage, per HomeLight. A built-in shelf can also help define the space better, especially if you have a wide-open room.

You only have to take a small portion of the arch to create the shelving unit. Built-in shelves are easy for homeowners to DIY on their own. You can build the shelves on either side of the archway for a more traditional look. But for a design that’s more interesting and looks more customized, build the shelves within the arch.

The key to this design is to keep the openness that an archway provides. Allow the shelves to be open, too, so that light shines through and sight lines remain unobstructed.

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