4 Colors To Paint Your Bathroom To Help Mute Your Pink Tiles

Neutral gray can help tone down a loud pink because it’s much more subdued. Impressive Interior Design says that gray will work well with a lighter shade of pink. To add gray to a pink tiled bathroom, try painting the walls, adding décor elements, or mixing tile colors (for example, a gray floor with a pink vanity).

However, you may be wondering why gray and pink can work together. After all, pink is a warm color while gray is cool-toned. Also, gray gives a more soothing vibe, while pink is more vibrant and bold. Stone Gable says that warm and cool-toned colors can be paired in interior design. To make them look more cohesive, you could pay attention to the undertones in each shade. For instance, if your pink shade leans more cool-toned, then a cool gray will work well. Or, you could have two shades with varying undertones to create an interesting tension.

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