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Over the last two years the pandemic brought attention to, and for some the time to, invest in self care and the bath as a relaxing ritual. But now that concerns and restrictions are dropping all over the country and world, many people are reporting increasing stress levels, cramped schedules and bad habits. At Gifts & Decorative Accessories, our editors believe everyone needs a moment in the day to relax regardless, so they took some time this week to try out their most recent bath and body finds perfect for everyday indulgence and relaxation to up even the most rushed of showers and baths. See below to find out what they liked and how you can add a few to your selection to keep the self care momentum going in your store.

Lenise Willis’ Pick: Hydrate Bath Soak by The Bathologist

The Bathologist’s Hydrate Bath Soak.

Taking a nice hot bath — and I mean HOT — has always been one of my go-to stress-relieving treats. After all, there are several proven health benefits to taking a bath. So, needless to say, I have a lot of bath products, from bubble bath and bubble foam to bath salts, bath bombs and even bath petals. So, when I ran into The Bathologist at this past summer’s Atlanta Market, I had to check out its made-in-Canada goods. I went home with a sample of the company’s Hydrate Fizzy Bath Soak, and after testing it out, I’m sold!

The first thing you notice about this soak is how intoxicatingly good it smells. Scents of orange and rosemary waft out of the bag the second you open it. It doesn’t say it on the bag, but I also get a hint of a mint or eucalyptus, but perhaps that’s just my association with the Epsom salts in it? Not sure, but whatever it is, I get that same hint of a “sinus-opening, awakening” fragrance. Just a hint. Anyway, I love the smell because it’s delightful and instead of making me feel sleepy, it makes me feel refreshed and reenergized. I often take baths as a treat at the end of the workday or in middle of a weekend afternoon, so I love a good soak as a refresh and not just as a bedtime ritual.

The second thing you notice is the delightful fizz sound as you pour the powder into the bath. Check out our Instagram feed for a quick satisfying video!

And, finally, because the soak is made with 100 percent essential oils, as well as Dead Sea Salt, vitamin E, aloe extract and shea butter, it leaves my skin feeling moisturized and… well, hydrated!

#GDAfindoftheday: Cashmere Body Wash from Hillhouse Naturals

Hillhouse Naturals Cashmere Body Wash and Hand Lotion

Hillhouse Naturals’ Cashmere body wash.

Short on time? Looking to upgrade your daily shower? Hillhouse Naturals has you covered with their Cashmere body wash. Scented with notes of roses, magnolia and sampaquita, this body wash is enriched with vitamin e and shea butter for extra moisturizing properties. The body wash is made in America and comes in a variety of other signature Hillhouse Naturals scents like Fresh Linen.

For customers looking to add even more to their relaxation, the Cashmere scent is available in other layerable products like a body butter, body mist and more. For the home, laundry detergent, candles, diffusers, linen spray and scent satchets are also available.

Adelaide Elliott’s Pick: Breathe Easy Shower Steamer from Twisted Tomboy

Adelaide Elliott's Shower Steamer pick from Tomboy

Twisted Tomboy’s Breathe Easy shower steamer.

Though I love a good bath, I have never been lucky enough to land an apartment with a good soaking tub in my adult life. Because of that, I usually find myself taking showers. And while showers do certainly relax me in their own way, I’ve never found them to be as indulgent or calming as a true bath. Thankfully, the folks at Twisted Tomboy have me covered now! I received a sample of the company’s Breathe Easy shower steamer during Atlanta Market last month and finally had a chance to try it out this week. Made with only five natural ingredients and scented with eucalyptus, lemon and peppermint essential oils, the steamer is designed to help with stuffy noses and similar issues caused by allergies colds and congestion. When my allergies started acting up earlier this week, I knew it was time to give it a try.

Twisted Tomboy’s shower steamers are fairly large, a little bit bigger and rounder than a jumbo marshmallow, and can be placed on the bottom of your shower or somewhere else within your shower outside of the direct stream of water. If placed away from directwater exposure, Twisted Tomboy said in it’s instructions that users could get two or more uses out of each steamer.

When trying this Breathe Easy shower steamer out, I noticed that I could already smell the eucalyptus and mint through the packaging, so the moment my shower started heating up with it inside, the whole bathroom filled up with the scent. Potent, but not overwhelming, the scent made my shower feel like a special occasion and I felt good using it because of its simple ingredients list and the aromatherapy properties of the essential oils. I really loved the combination of the three oils for the scent, too, though I will say the lemon was difficult to pick up in the steam after a few minutes. Ultimately, I walked away from that shower feeling very pampered and a whole lot less stuffy!

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