What color should you not paint your living room? Experts urge us to avoid this one shade

Choosing paint in every room of the home comes with its own individual quirks. In the bedroom, you’re likely to choose a hue that feels therapeutic to encourage a peaceful sleep – whereas your home office is likely to want something more energizing. But what about living room paint ideas

The most sociable room of all is vital to get right – not only for your family and guests – but for yourself. It needs to be a tone that is versatile enough to impress friends but also encourages you to unwind on an evening or weekend. And while there are a host of tones that are fit for the assignment, there are also some living room colors to avoid. But which of these colors is the most avoided amongst the experts? 

Designers and color experts agree that red is the worst color for a living room – and their reasons go beyond its bold aesthetic. Here’s what you need to know before deciding on your next living room color scheme

Hallway with wooden floor, elaborate cornice and staircase with red carpet.

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

What color should you not paint your living room?

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