These 5 ideas will take your bathroom to the next level

Who says you need to completely renovate your bathroom in order to achieve a brand new look? As you’re about to discover, there are many ways you can update your bathroom and take it to the next level without a complete overhaul.

A bathroom should be your sanctuary and a place you continually enjoy spending time in, rather than a part of the house you’re not proud of and want to get in and out of as fast as possible.

Feel like a change but with minimal effort? We’ll discuss a few tips for you to consider if you want to take an average bathroom up a notch without extensive renovation costs. Here’s how.

Increase shower comfort

You could be a bath person, that’s okay, but for the many shower fans out there, how long do you spend trying to find the perfect temperature and pressure, especially in a busy household where shower time is limited? Well, a thermostat is your answer.

Thermostatic shower mixer valves can be installed to your already-existing shower system, but those from the likes of GROHE will also improve your experience in the bathroom. Adjusting the temperature is done at the turn of a dial, but what’s more, thermostats also prevent hot or cold bursts of water when the washing machine is running or another family member uses a tap, for example.

You can also pause the water flow to save usage when shampooing your hair, and then restart the shower at exactly the same temperature and pressure. This saves so much water!

Consider a splash of colour

We understand that many bathrooms around the world appear in a plain white colour. There’s nothing wrong with this, as white is the perfect neutral tone for such a room and it helps to keep the room brightly lit. However, if you’re feeling like your bathroom could use a small amount of paint, then how about changing the colour of the door or even cabinets?

Add instant charm and character to your bathroom with a dash of colour like red or green, and really use this chance to inject some personality into the bathroom. Just this small piece of vibrancy will continue to astound you again and again. Plus, it’s a real talking point when guests are visiting.

Not a fan of painting anything but would still like some luminosity in the bathroom? Then add a vibrant rug or even some plush cotton towels in a daring shade, as these statement pieces not only add warmth and colour, but also make everything cosy and pleasing to the eye.

Synchronise your metal fixtures and furnishings

Matte black taps and handles are so in vogue right now, but what if we told you that the entire bathroom could be part of this trend? If your bathroom shower system and sink area could use an update anyway, then matte black is the finish that many design experts are pushing for this year.

We recommend going one step further and ensuring your bathroom cabinet handles and even toilet roll holders use the same finish as your taps to create a beautiful harmony within the space. It’s subtle, to be sure, but you can’t fail to notice just how splendid it looks to have all metal fixtures and furnishings as the same tone. Chrome and brass are also fantastic options if matte black isn’t your thing.

Bring the outside in

If you’re not adding plants that thrive in damp, dark rooms like the bathroom, then where have you been? Organic materials such as wood and terra cotta are beautiful in the bathroom, but there’s nothing better than gorgeous green houseplants that purify the air and double as a nice piece of decoration.

The best plants that actually love living in bathrooms, not to mention being incredible to look at (plus can handle a week or so of no water when you go on holiday), are succulents, ferns, orchids, spider plants, and snake plants (these last two aren’t as scary as they sound). You’ll find that the area is far more soothing and the air smells better with plants in the bathroom, which is perfect for anyone needing ways to cope with anxiety.

Recessed shelving

Adding a shelf into the bathroom is all well and good, but how about instead of storing your hair care items and accessories on display, put them in the wall. Recessed shelving means that you can essentially cut out a part of your wall, and integrate a shelving unit within this space to store items. It sounds more complicated than it really is, but check out this useful guide if you’re a DIY expert already.

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