The Gallery Wall Addition 32% Of People Agree Would Elevate Their Decor

A framed mirror was chosen by 191 participants as the item they would most like to add to their gallery wall. Mirrors are not only functional, they also increase the element of airiness within a space. Mirror City says that mirrors make rooms feel larger and brighter. With the right frame, they can make for a very bold décor choice.

In a gallery wall, a mirror could either serve as a focal point or blend in with the rest of the décor. Life By Leanna mixes multiple mirrors with art pieces, and borders them all in gold frames. The result is a cohesive, yet still very dynamic, gallery wall. Studio DIY says that, when creating a gallery wall, add lots of different elements in various sizes and shapes to keep the wall looking interesting. Using a mirror is a great way to add that unusual shape, like a circle, an oval, or a large diamond.

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