Stunning Home decor deals to grab at Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022

The last day of Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022 is here, and we have brought you certain magnificent home decor deals that are worth exploring. All these items mentioned here are useful in making your home more comforting and a little more functional. The list has some great brands offering comforters, cushions, rugs and everything that adds to the beauty and charm of your house. Try getting them at these striking deals which will end today.

Buy home decor items at discounted prices from the Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 

1. Amazon Brand-Solimo Microfiber Reversible Comforter

This is a comfy comforter from the home brand of Amazon. The comforter is lightweight, fluffy and soft. Being a reversal light quilt, it serves as two comforters that have different colours and can be used from time to time. It has a 200GSM hollow siliconized polyester filling that makes it super smooth. The machine stitched pattern keeps the filing in place and enhances durability. With hypoallergenic filling, the comforter is safe from allergens. With Amazon Freedom Sale, you can get it at a flat 50% discount. 

Price Rs. 2,000

Deal Price Rs. 1,059

2. The Sleep Company SmartGRID Premium Hybrid Pillow

These premium hybrid pillows are specially designed pillows to comfort your neck and shoulders. Designed with SmartGRID technology, the pillows provide the neck with a soft rebound feature. It has almost 500 air channels that make it more breathable and keeps the pillow cool all night long. Wrapped in a washable bamboo zip cover, the pillow is ideal to add an element of luxury to your home. Unlike regular pillows, it can help you in relieving the head, neck pressure and de-stress for the next day. The pillow has antibacterial, hypoallergenic qualities that make it safe for use while keeping you well-rested. 


Price Rs. 6,998

Deal Price Rs. 3,499

3. Sleepyhead Memory Foam Pillow

This expandable pillow has a cool gel technology that helps it in expanding and regulating temperature. The pillow has memory foam fill, making it light and comfortable. Being capable of supporting the neck and orthopaedic ailments, the pillow is a must-have item at home. Its outer cover can be unzipped and removed for washing as and when needed. The premium quality, high density and great shape can lead to maximum comfort.


Price Rs. 2,999

Deal Price Rs. 1,954

4. Solimo Microfibre Quilt AC Blanket

When looking for a stylish, colourful AC quilt, then buying this one during the Great Freedom Festival Sale, 2022 can be really beneficial for you. It is available at a decent price, thanks to the discounts going on. The quilt is soft, lightweight and super cosy. 120 GSM thickness is provided to the quilt with the siliconized polyester filling. With a microfibre shell, the quilt offers a rich, smooth feel. Being machine stitched, the quilt is durable and secure. 


Price Rs. 1,000

Deal Price Rs. 719

5. HIPPO – HDPE Outdoor Balcony Curtain 

When wishing to add a pleasing, comforting visual for your eyes in your home, these curtains can be an excellent choice. These are created from super dense fabric and provide extra shading to block the sun rays. Despite being thick, the fabric is breathable and keeps up with the air circulation, ending in keeping the surroundings cool. The curtains come with decorative wooden buttons, making them more elegant. With an elastic locking system, hooks and screws, these durable curtains can easily be used at homes, schools and balconies. 


Price Rs. 2,075

Deal Price Rs. 1,230

6. Home Sizzler Abstract Eyelet Polyester Long Door Curtain Set

These door curtains are 9 feet long and are suitable for long, wide entrances. Created with polyester, these door curtains are highly breathable and light. The curtains have 150 GSM composition which enhances their life. Each curtain comes with eyelids that you can use as per your needs. This set has 4 curtains with an elegant, beautiful design that upgrades your home. You can hand wash these curtains or put them in a washing machine for thorough cleaning. 


Price Rs. 2,399

Deal Price Rs. 845

7. Status Multi Printed Vintage Persian Carpet Rug 

To add a touch of class and a dash of colour to your living room, opting for this rug is a great idea. It has a splash of multiple colours, which makes it highly appealing. The carpet is made of polyester yarn, which looks premium but is light enough for easy maintenance. It is a versatile piece of home decor that you can use to keep your floor clean or make your living room more lively. You can even use it as a floor mat, runner rag or bedside runner. This expensive rug can be bought at a hefty discount with the Amazon sale going on. 


Price Rs. 6,999

Deal Price Rs. 1,306

Amazon Great Freedom Festival Sale 2022 is on its last day, and you shouldn’t miss these home decor deals offering amazing discounts. The sale offers reliable, durable and useful home decor items that can usually be a hit on the pocket. Try getting your hands on these products if you are looking for home decor items that make your home more comfortable and give a luxurious feel. 

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