Look Beyond Paintings: New Wall Décor Formats & Styles

The most traditional wall décor format? Paintings, no doubt. Ever since people learnt how to apply colour pigments on hard surface, paintings have been used for wall decoration all over the world – and classic artworks such as oil or pastel paintings can even be described as the symbol of our culture. But times have changed, and many new wall art formats have emerged.

When you look for some vibrant décor features for your walls, it’s worth taking into account that contemporary interior designs often call for something different that a painting. And there are so many formats to choose from – canvas prints, decorative plates, light arrangements… let’s now have a look at our top picks for striking wall art that will fit in any interior!

1. Personal Photos

Some personal touches in your private space add warmth and give a room a sense of privacy. They also help to transform a house into a home. And these days personal photos have substituted traditional artworks as wall décor in many homes. Even the most beautiful painting won’t give you the same boost of positive emotions as a material display of your happiest memories, printed, framed, and displayed on the walls of your home. Choose the photos closest to your heart and be reminded of the good times in your life each time you look at them.

2. Modern Print Formats

A framed picture has been a number one choice for displaying photo prints for ages. And there is good reason for it – a professionally printed photo, displayed behind a polished glass cover and enhanced by a museum-level photo mat (which is known as a passe-partout in professional photo community) is a décor feature that will be cherished for decades. But these days you can also have your photos printed on canvas, metal, acrylic or wood panels, fabrics…


3. Mirrors

Personal photos are the most popular wall art alternative to paintings. But there are other quirky options too! Let’s take mirrors as an example – these are ones of the most timeless décor items, versatile and suitable for just about any home.

Mirrors make home look lavish, with a distinct flair of luxury. They also help add natural light to your home and brighten the corners. So, if you have small rooms that would benefit from extra light, you can experiment with differently shaped mirrors to find the best arrangement.

4. Decorative Plates

You can never go wrong with vintage plates for wall decoration. Round plates with vibrant prints fit well with modern designs and can tell a story just as well as personal photos. For example, if you’re passionate about travelling, you can display an arrangement of plates from the countries or cities that you visited.

5. Light Garlands

If you love a fusion of aesthetics and natural decor, light garlands will be your type of wall decor. Light garlands can do wonders for your walls, especially if you pair them with some prints or artworks. They are instant attention-grabbers and help create a warm and cosy atmosphere in the room.

6. Greenery

Whoever said you can only keep plants on your balcony? You can also use them to add an inspiring natural look to the walls of your home. The easiest way to display plants as wall art is putting them on shelves in neutral shapes and colours. Climbing and winding plants are the best – they will create a green living wall that won’t even need any more décor.

7. Gallery Wall

Picking just one wall art format can be a real challenge. And guess what – you don’t have to opt for just one décor type! Design a fully-fledged gallery wall and you’ll be able to combine personal photos, canvas prints, framed pictures, postcards, decorative plates and literally any kind of precious knickknacks in one splendid wall décor arrangement!

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