It Happens Here: Boston Baked Blossom's cupcakes also double as floral decorations

SOUTH BOSTON – During the pandemic many people started new hobbies, like baking. But graphic designer Lisa Mackin came up with a whole new, delicious twist on floral decorations.

Inside her kitchen in South Boston, she started “Boston Baked Blossoms.” This is where the one-woman cupcake company is pumping out product that serves two purposes – cupcakes posing as flowers.

Theses amazingly realistic designs she creates can be used to feed and decorate any event. From a wedding to a shower, a bride’s bouquet to a table arrangement that you can eat.

“It can be a huge cost saving for people because they were buying desserts and they were buying centerpieces and now this is one in the same,” Mackin told WBZ-TV.

It all started during the pandemic when this graphic designer/artist/web designer got bored and started baking like many of us.

But in her case, friends took notice, and her pandemic pastime took a turn right into the food industry. Mackin became the city of Boston’s first ever licensed residential kitchen and “Boston Baked Blossoms” was born.

“It was amazing once the first real order came in. It was just like ‘Oh my gosh, it’s going to work,'” she said.

And not only is it working, it’s exploding, thanks in large part to Instagram and a new way of reaching customers.

“Because social media is so different from how it used to be. If you had to do paid advertising years ago, you never could do it,” Mackin said.

Her pictures pop up on people’s feeds, the beautiful eye-catching arraignments that were truly made for this platform and more importantly her.

The artwork is almost too beautiful to eat.

Cupcakes from Boston Baked Blossoms.

CBS Boston

Mackin hopes to start classes and tutorials in the fall and as a result she is putting the baking on hold for a few months. You can order for 2023 on her website.

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