How To Decorate Your Home Like Virgin River

A room is incomplete without the proper floor decor. A rug is a necessity in any room for purpose and functionality. The right size area rug creates structure and adds form to a room. Warm your space up with a vintage-style area rug at the entry, in a hallway, office, or living room area of the house. When decorating with rugs, vintage doesn’t necessarily mean dated. Vintage-style rugs like the one seen in Doc’s medical practice in the image above can transform a space with their patterns, colors, and old-world appeal.

Decorate your floors with rugs that appear ‘lived in’ to capture the essence of living in a mountain town, nothing too new. What rug you select for the lived-in feel will depend on what’s in the room. “You should decorate around a rug or, buy one based on the furniture you already have,” Kelly Vittengl, founder of Frances Loom, told Martha Stewart. “Pay attention to the color schemes, whether you want saturated or unsaturated colors, a high or low pile, and the overall design.” Persian or oriental style rugs with natural fibers like wool are perfect, as they are durable and withstand wear and tear, especially in high-traffic areas.

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