How To Decorate Your Home Like House Lannister From Game Of Thrones

One major character trait of House Lannister members is self-love, which may result from the pride and nobility the family lineage gained. When Joffrey (Cersei and Jamie’s son) became king, he took his self-obsession to a new level when he got a sculpture of himself trampling a wolf, placed majestically in the garden. Some may see this act as grotesque, but the owner saw it as art.

When decorating like House Lannister, you do not need to follow their act of displaying monumental sculptures to a T. Instead, Art Acacia suggests picking a smaller statue that would fit the scale of the room it’s decorating. Since most people don’t live in castles or mansions, you need to pick a sculpture that matches the size of the room it’s displayed in. Choosing one big enough for a coffee table or bookshelf is perfectly fine.

If you want a sculpture that feels like it’s from an antiquity period, peruse the selection at The Ancient Home. The sculptures will add a regal touch to your home, helping you cinch that Lannister aesthetic. In addition, you can expand your choices of sculpture options. If you prefer a more modern take on this sort of decor, consider inserting a stately sculpture from a design brand that has become highly popular. For example, opt for an 11-inch sculpture designed by KAWS in a black resin and vinyl standalone format (via 1stdibs). This pop culture phenomenon may cost over $1,000, but it will become a memorable focal point in your home.

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