How To Decorate With Indoor Plants

Hanging plants will leave a mark on your home’s interior design, and open-plan interiors are the best for this purpose. Though the perfect position would be in the window bay area, hanging plants can also go in corners, on empty walls, and in the bathroom.

For maximum effect, find a suitable space by a massive window like in this design by Old Brand New. Provided you cover a sizeable area, it would seem that the outdoors came in. Start by styling ferns, pothos, and spider plants in macramé hangers. Once you create the plant curtain, place a Madagascar dragon tree to match the look.

Alternatively, DIY an indoor vertical garden. Jessica Welling shares a detailed guide on constructing your living wall planter from point zero. Before you begin, ensure you have pine boards, cotton rope, hooks, terracotta pots, wood stain, and essential tools. Hanging planters on a long driftwood branch is another decorating tip you can try.

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