How to Combine a Living Room with a Bedroom?

In small apartments, it is not always possible to separate a bedroom. Sometimes you have to compromise and create a sleeping space in the living room. With a little imagination, it won’t be difficult at all!

Bedroom in the Living Room – How to Choose the Right Sofa

It is obvious that there is no room for a classic, large bed in the living room, so its function must be fulfilled by a sofa – foldable and comfortable. It is worth choosing a sofa, the mechanisms of which will move smoothly and efficiently, which will not be heavy and complicated by everyday folding and unfolding. The sofa for sleeping should also have a sufficiently large container for storing bedding.

It is worth thinking about covering the sofa, which is also a bed, every day. First of all – it will ensure proper hygiene. It is known that the living room is a place for rest and fun for the whole family, as well as a space for receiving guests. The couch may get dirty and “sit out”, and then sleeping on it will not be pleasant anymore. A stylish sofa cover is sure to be both practical and decorative.

Bedroom Arrangement in the Living Room – What is Worth Remembering?

When arranging a bedroom in the living room, i.e. when creating a room that is to fulfill two functions, you should remember about its appropriate decor. The color scheme is very important – the bedroom should be bright, light, conducive to relaxation. On the other hand, in the living room, you can usually go a little crazy… Therefore, in order to reach a compromise, it is worth choosing bright, universal colors of the walls, but let your imagination run wild with accessories, for example wall decorations. A mountain canvas print will be a perfect solution for a bedroom-living room. Why? First of all – the theme of mountains and forests is one of the most fashionable, and there is no indication that this will change! In addition, the colors of such a picture combine both dynamics and tranquility, so it fits perfectly to the atmosphere of the room. Most importantly – each mountain painting has a unique strength – elegance, power, stability, mystery, and the mountains are simply beautiful! Such a decoration will therefore be perfect for a room with space for entertainment and total relaxation.

What else is Worth Remembering When Creating a Bedroom and Living Room Combo?

• Avoiding bright, strong colors. Of course, an interesting picture, a colorful flower pot or a carpet are welcome, but you should not overdo it with the quantity! It is impossible to rest effectively in a room that is too colorful.

• Do not overdo the amount of additives that harbor dust, which can adversely affect your health while you sleep.

• Very frequent airing of the room. A healthy bedroom is an aired bedroom!

• Switching off electronic equipment at night. Electrosmog, unfortunately, does not sleep, but it can adversely affect sleep quality and health.

A living room and bedroom combo is a very practical solution in small apartments. Properly arranged, it will surely be a real oasis of peace.

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