How do I know what colors go together? Interior designers' talk color pairings

When you’re starting out on your interior design journey, you might find yourself asking ‘how do I know what colors go together?’. It might seem like this is something you either know innately or don’t, but thankfully, there are lot of experts who are able to help. 

The best way to find out what colors go together is to consult the color wheel. ‘If you look at a color wheel you can see what colors are complementary to each other by noticing which ones are exactly opposite of one another, like blue and orange. This means they will contrast off each other instead of clashing,’ says Amy Youngblood, Principal Designer of Amy Youngblood Interiors (opens in new tab).’ You can also use other color harmonies that are monochromatic, analogous, split complementary and so many others.’ This will help you ensure that your room color ideas work harmoniously together to create a sophisticated and welcoming interior. 

How do I know what colors go together?

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